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Best paid professions 2020

After school, the big decision is to choose the job that, in the best case scenario, you will do your whole life. Many different factors can help with this choice. In addition to the aspect of finding a job that should suit you and that you enjoy doing, there is also the question of the Earning opportunities not insignificant. In these professions you currently have the greatest chances with a good starting salary your career to start:

1. Astronauts

Become an astronaut represents a real childhood dream for many. But the job is also quite tough, as well as the prerequisites for being able to practice this job at all. You have to become a real all-rounder in many areas of the natural sciences, such as physics or chemistry. The path to starting a career is therefore very long: in addition to studying aerospace engineering, several foreign languages, physical health and fitness, it also includes successfully completing demanding tests. However, all the effort is rewarded and is especially noticeable in your salary. Astronauts currently earn EUR 55,000 gross per year in their training phase. If you have made it and you can set off into space, you can expect a whopping salary of 90,000 euros gross annually. If you have made it to the commander of the space station, you can even earn up to 110,000 euros gross per year.

2. Doctors

It is no secret that doctors can earn a decent salary. But that has above all with the responsibility to do with which doctors have to deal with on a daily basis. The daily work of doctors is accordingly quite demanding and stressful. That's why they areSoft skills Stress resistance and reliability are important.The salaries of the chief and senior physicians are particularly impressive: the starting salary is 100,000 euros gross per year, there are almost no upper limits. Specialists, on the other hand, earn an average of around 80,000 euros gross annually.

3. Corporate Finance Manager

Corporate Finance Manager are responsible for the efficient and effective control of financial and money management in a company. For example, they take care of the correct distribution of explicit capital investments, especially short-term resources such as current assets. Finance is the specialty of corporate finance management. Other tasks also include the optimal capital structure and dividend policy of a company as well as making important decisions regarding investments and determining the value of the company. The salary range for this occupation is very large, as your salary depends very much on the size of your employer and your professional experience. The gross salary range is between 52,000 and 100,000 euros per year.

4. Pilots

If you want to become a pilot, you can do it yourself look forward to a good salary. But you are also responsible for the lives of many people who transport them from A to B. In addition to passengers, they also bring various goods to their destination. The specialty of this job is that you will not be paid during your apprenticeship. So you are investing now for later. You also have to pay for your flight license yourself, which costs around 60,000 euros. The airlines usually offer you financing models so that you do not have to pay this amount all at once, but only when you are earning good money as a pilot. However, if you have successfully completed the pilot training, you will be rewarded with a decent salary. At the beginning of your career, you start as a first officer or co-pilot with gross earnings between 1,500 and 5,000 euros per month. If you are a captain, you earn between 3,000 and 10,000 euros gross per month. Additional bonuses will also be added to your base salary.

5. Professor

ProfessorsThose aiming for a career at the university usually pave their career path early on during their own studies. If you decide on this career path, the prospects for you as a professor are bright, because you can earn between 4,000 and 7,000 euros gross per month.

6. Self-employed pharmacists

As pharmacist you have the opportunity to run your own pharmacy. And this step is worth it: self-employed pharmacists earn on average in Germany5,000 to 7,000 euros gross per month. There are almost no upper limits on income, even annual salaries well over 100,000 euros gross are possible. Similar to doctors, the high salary for pharmacists also depends on the great responsibility together. Are a pharmacist Experts in all medicines, research on these and also develop and manufacture completely new drugs.

7. Air traffic controllers

Similar to the pilots, you also have a great responsibility as an air traffic controller and you will be rewarded accordingly because the training to become an air traffic controller is one of the best-paid training occupations. Air traffic controllers monitor the airspace with the help of various technical devices, e.g. radar. You coordinate take-off and landing and ensure smooth air traffic. Even small mistakes can have fatal consequences here. For the great responsibility, you already earn a comparatively high amount during your apprenticeship. In the third year of training, for example, you can earn up to 5000 euros gross per month. After your apprenticeship, you can look forward to a monthly starting salary of between 6,000 and 8,000 euros. The highest salary level that you can achieve as a well-trained air traffic controller is up to 120,000 euros gross per year. In addition, there are surcharges for e.g. night shifts or if you have to work on Sundays or public holidays. However, the training places for air traffic controllers are highly competitive and limited. The aptitude test is also tough, with 95% of applicants failing it.

8. Fund manager

Also the Fund manager can join the ranks of the highest-paid professions. On average, they can record a gross salary of 75,000 euros per year. But there is still room for improvement in this job as well. With enough experience, gross salaries between 115,000 and 146,000 euros are possible. Fund managers who take care of the investment amounts of private customers or institutional investors such as insurance companies have the difficult task of always being one step ahead of the market and of making the right decisions even under stress.

9. Business Development Manager

The Business Development Manager acts like a future analyst. In the rapid change of the economic markets, you react strategically to the latest conditions. You will deal with the latest customer needs and market developments and provide the right, strategic impulses so that your company can continue to develop. As a Business Development Manager, you cannot get started right after you graduate, but have to gain a few years of professional experience first. Hence this is Starting salary is also very high, when you can finally start in the profession, it averages 70,000 euros gross annually. For example, if you work in the IT industry, the pharmaceutical industry or the automotive industry, salaries of up to 85,000 euros gross per year are possible.

10. Auditors and tax advisors

The salary ofAuditors and tax consultantsCan be seen: with just a few years of professional experience, you can already book a gross salary of between 66,000 and 80,000 euros per year. However, the remuneration can continue to rise over the years. Top earners have a gross salary of up to 120,000 euros per year. Bonus payments are added to this salary. But the path to becoming a certified public accountant is also tough, as the exam is a great challenge. Therefore, the need for junior staff is increasing more and more. To become a tax consultant, you also need a degree in business administration as well as many years of professional experience and the hurdle of a demanding exam.

11. Key Account Manager

key account manager are very important in a company because they look after the key customers, i.e. the most important customers of a company. These are so important because they are responsible for high sales and serve as good references for the company. The key account manager is rewarded with a good salary for this special customer care and a demanding day-to-day work. Here the earning opportunities also depend on the industry in which you will ultimately work. Accordingly, the salary range is very large, because you can earn between 41,000 and 115,000 euros gross per year.

12. Engineers

Even at the top of the best-paid professions, they are allowed to Engineers not missing. Here you are the contact person for the topics of technology and machines and are needed in all industries, for example asMechanical engineer. As an engineer, you have a bright future ahead of you. Do you work as an engineer in the field of chemistry and process engineering, you can expect a starting salary of around 65,000 euros gross per year. You also have good cards to get started financially in the automotive industry, where your gross salary is up to 59,000 euros a year, especially in production. If you work in the energy industry, your average gross annual income is around 57,000 euros. Development engineers who develop new, innovative products also expect an annual gross income of 60,540 euros. Depending on the industry, as an engineer you have a good chance of getting an average gross salary of 58,000 euros.

13. Controller

If you are a real numbers talent, you have good salary prospects here. Because in your company you take on a real key role and become the company's economic conscience. You are particularly successful asController in the automotive industry or in the real estate industry. But sectors such as transport / logistics or healthcare also offer lucrative prospects. The average gross salary of controllers is around 63,000 euros per year. Here, as in many other professions, the salary is of course dependent on many factors such as the size of the company, the place of work and professional experience.

14. Lawyers

After their long training, lawyers can look forward to a good salary, especially corporate lawyers in the automotive industry. If you work in large corporations, a starting salary of around EUR 62,000 gross per year is not atypical. In well-known large law firms and with a distinction in their luggage, a gross salary of over EUR 100,000 per year is also possible. However, this is rather the exception. The starting salaries can therefore vary greatly depending on which degree you can show. Also as Prosecutor The salary prospects are good: depending on the position, more than 100,000 euros gross annually are possible here as well.

15. IT experts

Are you interested in computer science, mathematics and everything that has to do with computers? Then you should IT expert become. Computer scientists are in demand in many industries and are therefore indispensable. The salary prospects in the IT industry are also really impressive. As an IT expert in the aerospace industry, you have particularly good salary prospects. Here you can look forward to a starting salary of up to 59,000 euros gross per year. For example, if you work in the public sector, your gross salary is around 44,000 euros per year. You can choose between various positions, e.g. as an IT specialist, IT specialist, IT system electronics specialist or IT system specialist.

16. Sales engineers

Sales engineers are responsible for the sale of technical products and services. They combine several tasks at the same time, as you have to be both an expert on the product you want to sell, but also have to convince with economic knowledge and negotiating skills. So you are a real professional in technology as well as in marketing. The extensive tasks are also noticeable in the salary, because as a sales engineer you can expect a starting salary of between 47,000 and 51,000 euros gross. If you take on more responsibility over time and can show more and more professional experience, you can make it up to an average gross salary of 76,000 euros.

17. Regional Sales Manager

The tasks of one Regional Sales Manager comprises three important areas: the region, sales and management. So you are concerned with ensuring that your company achieves its desired sales targets and that you make a profit with the products on offer. As the leader, you take responsibility for your ideas, measures and strategies in your responsible region. If you take on a certain amount of responsibility, this is always reflected in the salary. As a regional sales manager, the gross salary is around 90,000 euros per year.

18. Judge

The profession ofJudge requires a long training path, but afterwards you will be rewarded with an attractive remuneration for your long stamina. You start out as a Probationary judge with a gross monthly salary of between 3500 and 4300 euros, with a few years of professional experience even annual gross salaries of around 90,000 euros are possible.

19. Consultants

The profession of Consultants can be seen: As a management consultant, you can look forward to an above-average salary. For the high pay, however, a high level of labor is expected. You should accept high pressure to perform and a lot of overtime. In the first years of your career you can earn up to 59,000 euros gross per year in consulting in large companies. In smaller companies, it is still a top starting salary of around 50,000 euros per year.

20. Product manager

product manager are responsible for driving the success of a particular product. Especially in the natural sciences, which are mainly responsible for innovative products from research and development, a top salary of up to 60,000 euros gross per year awaits. As a product manager, you will accompany the product throughout its entire life cycle, from brainstorming to market launch and market exit.

21. Actuary

Actuary deal with mathematical modeling and the statistical assessment of risks or the calculation of prices for assuming these risks. This also includes tasks such as risk management, controlling or balance sheet structure management. The gross earning potential is between 52,000 and 81,000 euros per year.

22. Teacher

Teacher are the basis of the education system and convey teaching content to children and young people. In this way, they prepare the students for their later professional life or studies. who become a teacher but would also like to be a reference person and contribute to the upbringing of the students. The Civil servant salary of a teacher differs greatly between the individual federal states and school types. An upper secondary level teacher earns an average of around 55,200 euros gross per year, making it one of the best-paid professions in the public service. That too Vocational school teacher salary is in a similar area.

23. Real estate asset managers

Under Real estate asset management one understands the active planning, management, implementation and control of value-influencing measures of a property or a property portfolio. Active actions are used to try to increase the value of a property in order to achieve an optimal return on the capital employed. The focus is therefore on the management of fixed assets, including real estate. As an asset manager, you can look forward to an annual average gross income of between 44,000 and 70,000 euros in the real estate sector.

24. Business consultant

Business consultantsupport companies when they are thinking about realigning their decision-making processes and about new structures in the individual operational functional areas. You will develop new strategies, implement new training objects or take care of the introduction of IT systems. The job is very challenging and often comes at the expense of your own work-life balance. However, they are still in demand on the job market and with a few years of professional experience they can earn up to EUR 57,000 gross annually. Senior consultants can even achieve a top salary of up to 92,000 euros gross per year.

25. Professional politician

As Professional politician you make decisions for the country, take part in meetings and have an active say in politics. A member of the Bundestag receives a monthly allowance of EUR 10,083.47 gross. In addition, he receives an expense allowance of 4418.09 euros, which should cover the cost of living. This includes renting a second home in Berlin.In addition, members of the Bundestag can look forward to a Bahncard 100 1st class, subsidies for office supplies and a very good pension. The professional politician is one of the well paid jobsthat you can do without any special training. Accordingly, there are a number of celebrities Politicians with no degree.