What do Bulgarians think of Romanian tourists?

Summer vacation Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania: tourists wanted!

Croatia considers itself a safe holiday destination

The Croatian Tourism Association (HUT) is running a massive advertising campaign for the country these days. According to a request from MDR AKTUELL, Croatia is currently the safest holiday destination in the Mediterranean. So far, there has been no evidence that a tourist was infected with the corona virus while on vacation in Croatia. The government in Zagreb provides daily information on the number of new infections on a special website in English. Recently the number had risen.

Less tourists, less income

The travel destination popular with German holidaymakers has been trying to score points with tourists again for weeks. Attractions such as the Plitvice Lakes National Park are open to visitors, but advance notice is required in order to coordinate the flow of visitors. The natural idyll was once the backdrop for the legendary Karl May film "The Treasure in the Silver Lake". Before the pandemic, the national park had two million visitors a year, this year it will probably be significantly fewer.

According to the Croatian Tourism Association, only a good half of the usual tourists traveled to the country in July alone. In the previous month of June it was only a quarter. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) expects a significant drop in tourism income for the country. This year they could amount to only a third of the amount from the previous year.

Trip to Dubrovnik difficult

Croatia also likes to call itself the "Caribbean of the Mediterranean" because of its islands. Beach vacation is possible: only 15 people are allowed to stay on 100 square meters of beach. Some beaches have restricted access. The Foreign Office also warns that an island vacation can quickly lead to difficulties if there are negative infection events. In this case, due to limited ferry connections, the arrival and departure could be delayed considerably. Access to the Croatian port city of Dubrovnik - the Mecca of many film fans in recent years - has also proven to be not that easy this year. If you come by land, you have to drive a bit through Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is currently classified as a risk area in Germany. Travelers must expect that they will have to take a corona test on their return and be in quarantine until the result.

Overview of travel conditions