What inspires you to inspire others

Who needs inspiration the most?

Regardless of whether you are an author, filmmaker, musician, hobby gardener, mathematician, teacher, therapist, Reiki master, alternative practitioner, coach, HR manager or manager, we basically need inspiration everywhere. And if not at work, then at least to make our life a little more beautiful in all of our other areas of life.

The videos are about these questions:

How do you find really good sources of inspiration?

We also find sources of inspiration everywhere: Unfortunately, there is nothing more than good advice that nobody implements.

We can read thousands of books or watch clever YouTube videos that inspire us again and again, but ultimately do not change our lives.

So it's probably about finding the right inspiration. The crucial ideas that change our lives or even the world. Which not only gives us a new stimulus that we have forgotten after 2 hours, but which leads us sustainably on our way and can be a light in our life.

How and where do we find this type of inspiration? More on this in the videos.

How can you invite more inspiration?

In addition, I am looking into the question of how does inspiration come to us? And what can we do to invite inspiration into our lives?

What can you do to get the inspiration you need at the right moment?

I also go into the question:

What is it that really makes inspiration?

How can you improve your ability to inspire others?

How can we learn to be more inspiring to others? What constitutes the real capacity for inspiration of people who manage to touch many people, such as Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobbs, Nelson Mandela or Mother Theresa, Gandhi, or mystics like Osho.

How does meditation and Reiki help to get real inspiration and to be able to inspire others more deeply?