How did you start a local cafe

Schulz-Dobrick GmbH employees at a coffee tasting in a local coffee roastery

Enjoy and choose local products

Saturday morning, the sun is shining after a brief rain shower: Employees of Schulz-Dobrick GmbH, their managing director and his wife gradually roll in in front of the Bergisch half-timbered house in Leichlingen. They are welcomed by Marion Rößler-Schäfer, the coffee connoisseur, who founded and runs the Café Kränzchen and the attached coffee roastery out of her love for coffee.

You can tell her passion for the subject in every word she says when she talks about her visits to coffee plantations in South America and describes how the differences in coffee can be seen in the bush. This enthusiasm has been with her for a long time in her life: her grandmother originally introduced her to enjoying coffee. Later it was her mother-in-law with whom she enjoyed enjoying selected coffee.

Coffee knowledge served tasty and exciting

With the types of coffee that are tried, the listeners are served not only delicious cakes, but also a lot of knowledge and anecdotes: For example, that there is a first, second and third sorting of raw beans, the latter being more of a reject for connoisseurs . Or that Arabica beans are typically used for café crema.

It is also interesting to know that coffee beans are actually the inside of coffee cherries (sometimes also called berries) that always ripen in pairs in a bowl of stone fruit. Very few visitors were also aware that the people in Costa Rica only get the second and third sorting themselves to drink, since the country needs the income from the first sorting.

Roasting as a live experience - that arouses the thirst for coffee

After a first tasting and some knowledge and cake bites, it goes over to the roasting machine. But before the coffee beans disappear into the roaster, they are carefully examined. What many do not know: coffee beans are light gray before roasting and taste like cardboard. Only through the gentle roasting - small roasting plants need around 20 minutes and more to roast evenly - do they get their special aroma. And since the beans are natural products are never uniform, not even in color, the right time for the end of the roasting must be estimated based on experience. Ms. Rößler-Schäfer can now point to more than 20 years of experience. She learned this craft from an old master coffee roaster in Hamburg.

As far as preparation is concerned, a caffettiera or a portafilter machine is ideal for espresso, and a particularly aromatic coffee is achieved with hand-brewed coffee with a stamp carafe. Infused like this, it is also served at the tasting in Café Kränzchen. At the end of the tasting round, the winning beans are then determined, after a majority decision: "Panama" for coffee preparations and "Cantare" for the espresso.

After the coffee tasting comes the fine tuning of the fully automatic coffee machine

The fully automatic coffee machine at Schulz-Dobrick GmbH must be programmed accordingly on site so that the selected beans can also be prepared deliciously to match the drink of choice. For this purpose, the degree of grinding, the amount of powder, the amount of water and the swelling time are all set to the right degree - so that the coffee preparations from Schulz-Dobrick are just as precisely fitting as the insect protection elements that are manufactured there.

Ms. Rößler-Schäfer, who originally comes from mechanical engineering and is very familiar with it, helps with this task - also with her knowledge. Because every type of preparation - espresso, cappuccino, café crema or latte macchiato - requires different degrees of graduation in order to be able to develop the aroma accordingly. The more milk a drink has - for example with a latte macchiato - the sooner the peaks of the coffee aroma are removed. Accordingly, the taste has to be a bit stronger than with a pure brewed café crema. Even the filling quantity and cup shape have an influence on the taste experience when drinking coffee. After detailed setting and testing, all beverage variants are now set accordingly.

Try it for yourself: bring your thirst for coffee with you on your next visit to Schulz-Dobrick GmbH - it's worth it!


Photos: Schulz-Dobrick GmbH, C.Kanter