Why does my cat lick excessively

If cats groom themselves all the time: possible causes

Even a healthy cat cleans itself a lot and extensively - but if the cleaning ritual suddenly becomes excessive, there may be a health problem behind it. The velvet paw then seems obsessed with the cleaning ritual and nothing can be dissuaded from it.

Parasites or skin fungus as the cause

If the cat is constantly licking its fur, parasite infestation is one of the most common causes. Does your cat scratch a lot, is it nervous, irritated and has sores on its skin? Then it could be that she is plagued by fleas or mites. Worms can also cause itching, and this in turn means that the cat is constantly cleaning itself. Like a parasite infestation, skin fungus is usually associated with additional itching. In addition, the cat's fur looks shaggy and dull. The house tiger can suffer from hair loss, which usually occurs in circular areas.

Physical and psychological suffering

Various cat diseases can be the cause of excessive cleaning - if the cat is sick, there are usually other symptoms as well, for example fatigue or loss of appetite. Always clarify such symptoms with the veterinarian as soon as possible to find out whether your cat has a metabolic disease, an allergy or another condition.

In addition, with excessive grooming, house tigers can also express psychological distress. An anxiety disorder, stress, or tension, for example after a major adjustment, may lead the cat to find a way to channel this, namely excessive grooming.

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