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Translation of "most difficult" in Spanish

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más difícil


He has to most difficult Be a job.
As is well known, Iraq formed that most difficult Chapter of our presidency.
El Iraq, como ya sabemos, fue el capítulo más difícil de nuestra Presidencia.
The first day of school is always that most difficult.
El primer día de escuela es el más duro.
And that was just 2009 most difficult Year for the sale of tool making products.
Y justamente el año 2009 fue el año más duro for the venta de maquinaria.
The most difficult Interview question related to living donors.
La cuestión más difícil Durante los debates for the theme of los donantes vivos.
In the case of counterfeiting, that is the paper most difficult.
En la falsificación, lo más difícil de hacer es el papel.
That is the most difficult Pose of everyone.
The most difficult The sport in the world is Olympic weightlifting.
El deporte más difícil del mundo es el levantamiento de pesas.
I will give him that most difficult Give up puzzles.
And that's that most difficult Work thank you.
And Enigma is most difficult Problem of the world.
It could be the most difficult Be the case of your career.
this is the most difficult and important exercise.
That is the most difficult Choice of our life and you're kidding.
Esta es la elección más difícil de nuestras vidas, y tú estás parado ahí contando chistes.
This could be the most difficult Challenge you ever had to face.
Este puede ser el reto más difícil que hayas enfrentado.
The first time is always that most difficult.
The first time is this most difficult.
The most difficult and the most dangerous of all military operations has succeeded.
La operación militar más difícil y más peligrosa hasta la fecha.
You got me through the most difficult Helped time in my life.
The most difficultwhat I ever had to do.
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