Why do dogs smell their crotch

That's why dogs sniff our crotch

Embarrassing when your own dog sniffs at the guests' crotch. But why do dogs do this and what can the dog owner do about it?

Dogs sniff out information

Dogs have an extremely powerful nose: with about 220 million olfactory cells the dog can be estimated a million different smells distinguish. So it's no wonder that dogs primarily rely on their noses to perceive their surroundings.

Sniffing and sniffing is one Basic need for the dog. It can be made up of many important odor-producing chemicals, also known as pheromones Information about conspecifics filter out. This includes:

To see if another dog is going to Suitable for reproduction or one Poses a threat, the dog uses its sense of smell.

That is why the dog sniffs at the crotch

Like dogs, we humans have so-called apocrine glandsthat release fragrances. These glands are increasingly located in ours Elbow crooks and in Genital area. If a dog wants to get to know a stranger better, the easiest way is to get information about the complex scents in our step - there they are numerous and easily accessible.

Women are sniffed more intensely

It gets even more interesting for the dog when Women have menstrual periods. Scientists have found that pheromones change in women during menstruation. The dog perceives the change. Sniffing at the woman is then many times more interesting for him and he therefore does it much more intensively.

The same phenomenon can be observed when a Woman ovulating Has. Dogs also recognize the fertile phase of the woman by the changed smell. In agriculture, this ability of dogs is already used for targeted breeding.

Avoid embarrassing sniffing

Most people find it embarrassing when the dog explores the genital area with its nose. And this can also be uncomfortable for dog owners. To reprimand or punish him for this is absolutely taboo! From a dog's point of view, the four-legged friend has not done anything wrong, it follows its natural behavior. He wouldn't understand punishment.

If your dog is an intense sniffer, you can take it on a leashwhen visitors come or when you meet strangers on the way. At the same time, you should practice the basic commands with him. Once the dog has internalized these, you have control over how and when to greet other peoplemay

It makes most sense To offer alternatives. Point out to the guest that he is giving his to the dog Hand as an alternative to sniffing and getting to know each other can offer.