Is blood a good stain on wood

The best home remedies for removing stains


How to use natural means to remove grass stains, grease, coffee, red wine and blood from fabrics. Including a clear table.

Water alone is often not enough to remove stubborn stains. But which home remedy helps? In general, the earlier the stain is treated, the greater the chances that it can be completely removed. Servus knows which home remedies are most likely to be successful for which stains and which material.

1. Home remedies for blood stains

If the blood stains have only just appeared, they can easily be left withcold waterwash out.

Hello knowledge:Never use warm water with fresh blood stains! It causes the protein in the blood to clot and bond with the fabric fibers.

Once the blood has dried up, the following home remedies will help: Washable fabrics should first be placed in cold water - or alternatively in highly concentrated waterSalt water - to be soaked. Then with the stainbaking powder Sprinkle and leave for about two hours before washing the fabric again.

AlsoLemon juice is suitable for removing blood stains. Simply drip a few drops on it, leave it on for a few minutes and rinse off. It is best to use it for stains on delicate fabrics such as silkalcohol. A lint-free cloth is moistened with the alcohol and then dabbed until the stains have disappeared.

Blood stains on the mattress? Stir oneSalt and lemon juice paste(orBaking soda and water) and let it work for about 30 minutes. Then remove the paste with kitchen paper, spray the area with cold water and vacuum again with paper.

2. Home remedies for deodorant stains

Around yellow spots of deodorants from light-colored clothing to remove, you needcitric acid. To do this, dissolve approx. 10 grams of citric acid powder in one liter of water and soak the garment in it for 24 hours. Then rinse with plenty of clean water and wash in the washing machine at the highest possible temperature.

White deodorant stains on dark laundry treated the same way, only with one lukewarm bath mixed withVinegar essence, This is relative color-friendly. In any case, always do a color test in a hidden place before use to make sure that the home remedy does not discolour the fabric.

3. Home remedies for grease stains

Fresh grease stains should be used firstPaper towels soak up. Then wash washable textiles as hot as possible. If you prefer to try it without water, you canCornstarch or potato flour sprinkle on the stains. Let the agent work until it has absorbed all of the fat. Then just brush off.

Hello tip: The color ofPumpkin seed oil cannot be removed. If you moisten the affected textiles and place them in the Sun, the green spots disappear because the dye breaks down.

4. Home remedies for grass stains

Light textiles with fresh patches of grass can stay in overnightMilk or buttermilk to be soaked. The next morning, rinse with clean water and put in the washing machine as usual. Other home remedies for grass stains areLemon juice, vinegar essence or toothpaste containing menthol. Both are applied directly to the stain and gently massaged in. Then wash as normal.

Hello tip: If you discovered the grass stains after washing, either treatment will helpGall soap(two hours exposure time, then wash off thoroughly) or with purealcohol. Soak a clean cotton cloth and dab the stains until they have disappeared.

5. Home remedies for coffee stains

If the mishap with the coffee has just happened, you first suck up the liquid with it Paper towels or handkerchiefs made from the fabric. There don't rub, but place the paper on top and press down lightly. After that you should use the fabric lukewarm to warm water wash out. If there was milk in the coffee, add a little detergent when washing.

If you don't have the opportunity to wash the fabric off right away, pour as much bubbly as possibleMineral water over the stains and dab the water on with a paper towel.

Old coffee stains can be done well with a highly concentratedSaline solution (warm water, 30 minutes exposure time) remove. Or you sprinkleBaking powder or baking soda on the stain, pour some warm water over it and let the agent work for about 20 minutes. Then wash as normal.

6. Home remedies for red wine stains

Mineral water is the number one home remedy when it comes to removing Red wine stains goes. Fresh stains on washable fabrics are washed out with as much carbonated mineral water as possible after the wine has been soaked up and then put in the washing machine as normal.

But mineral water can also be used well on non-washable materials - first carefully pour the water onto the stain and then pat dry with a paper towel.

Who would prefer one dry method would like to fall back on, uses bestSalt or cornstarch (is less aggressive) to suck up the liquid. After taking effect, simply vacuum with a vacuum cleaner.

Are the spots already dried up, helpLemon juice or vinegar. Simply dip a cotton cloth with it, wet the stain with it, leave it on for about 15 minutes and then dab it with kitchen paper. Finally, spray on cold water and dab again.

Overview: 12 home remedies for removing stains at a glance

Home remediesStain typeapplication
pure alcohol
red wine

Stain is dabbed with it, very effectively
Baking powder/
Baking soda

yellow deodorant stains on white laundry
red wine

is used to soak up the liquid
sprinkled on, can also with water
can be mixed into a paste
Vinegar essence

Deodorant stains on dark laundry
red wine

is mixed with water for soaking
of clothing used
Gall soap
Deodorant stains on dark laundry
red wine

short exposure time,
is applied directly to the stain
red wine

bleaches and should only be at
white fabric can be used
Mineral water
red wine

very effective because of the carbon dioxide,
can also be used as an alternative to plain water
be used

red wine

washable fabrics can be in one
highly concentrated saline solution
to be soaked,
is also used to vacuum up
Liquid used

Cornstarch /
potato flour
red wine

is used to suck up the
Liquid sprinkled on,
can also use water to one
Paste can be mixed

waterfresh blood stains
red wine

only cold for blood stains
Use water,
for spots of black
Use hot water for coffee

is applied directly
and then thoroughly with
Washed out warm water

Lemon juice
red wine

can be applied pure or
also with salt to make a paste
be touched
citric acidDeodorant

is mixed with water for
Soaking clothes used

(Ed .: Luana Baumann-Fonseca)

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