Jungkook graduated from college

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History drama, fear / P18 / MaleSlash
If Jeon Jungkook continues like this, he won't live long. He probably knows that and just doesn't give a fuck.
OneshotPain / Comfort, Love Story / P16 / MaleSlash
JiminJungkookOC (Own Character)
“Do you have a song that ... suits the rain outside? A song for someone who ... feels a little lonely at Christmas and is waiting for someone ... but doesn't know if the person will come? "
HistoryRomance, Love Story / P16 / MaleSlash
JiminJungkookOC (Own Character) SugaV
Taehyung is pretty sure that we humans see light not only with our eyes, but above all with our hearts. We have an eye there too. It is mostly closed. But when a source of light appears somewhere in the dark, it opens and shows us the way.
History drama, fear / P18 / MaleSlash
J-HopeJiminJungkookKim SeokjinSuga
“A summer can be very long,” the dancer finally replies gently. "Longer than a life sometimes ..."
HistoryGeneral / P12 / Gen
One Shorts Stories about BTS Boys. Also on request. Who with whom? Where? Just write to me :) Otherwise just have a look!
HistoryGeneral / P16 / Gen
During the summer vacation you get to know someone and are over the moon. Too bad that this dream man turns out to be your teacher. Jeon Jungkook.
HistoryDrama, love story / P16 / Gen
"There comes a time in your life when you realize who is important to you, who never was, and who always will be." Sumi Yun is a dance teacher. She gets a great opportunity. To train a famous K-Pop band, BTS. Will she master it? At the beginning she got problems with Jeon Jungkook. Shortly afterwards her sister comes to visit her, but her arrival is not without success. Isa is caught in public with one of BTS and immediately a scandal ensues, with major consequences. Just where everything changes for the better, something new comes along as always. Letters? Lying? First kiss? New friends? "I'm sorry ..." (Oc x Jeon Jungkook)
HistoryGeneral / P6 / Gen
JiminJungkookKim SeokjinRMSugaV
Yoonmin Yoongi Top Park Jimin x Min Yoongi
HistoryGeneral / P18 / MaleSlash
Saeloun ... A world like ours. A game in which each player plays their own character in a virtual world. And yet so much more than just a game. Suddenly, it affects Jimin and Yoongi's lives. Much more than the two of them could have imagined.
HistoryFriendship, Love Story / P18 / MaleSlash
The song was love, security and melancholy in one. Things that Yoongi wanted to forget, but that kept coming back. Jimin twisted his world, principles and everything he believed in. / Yoonmin / Vkook
HistoryDrama, Friendship / P12 / MaleSlash
Yoongi was used to being alone until one day Hoseok decides to talk to him. And Yoongi falls in love, he falls in love with his best friend. [Bangtan Boys; one-sided! Yoonseok, VHope]
HistoryPain / Consolation, Love Story / P18 / MaleSlash
All Jungkook wants is a good friend. But he gets six of these, where everyone has to carry their own package. How do Hoseok and Yoongi know each other? Why doesn't Yoongi want to talk about it? What is happening at Taehyung? And are the rumors about Seokjin even true? [main: yoonseok & taekook | high school au | run inspired]
StoryLove Story / P18 / MaleSlash
Jungkook had one eye on Taehyung. The Taehyung, the most popular boy in the school, even though he was anything but popular himself. But when Taehyung's promotion to the next school year is at stake, this Jungkook asks for tutoring. The Maknae can hardly believe it, but agrees anyway and a little later finds himself in the apartment of his crush, who seem to like him a lot. And that's just the beginning ... I Don't like - don't read, mature content, boyxboy I VKook I TaeKook I Smut!
OneshotGeneral / P18 / MaleSlash
"You should be punished for your insolent behavior, little one, or not, huh?" (TaeGi)
HistoryDrama, love story / P16 / Gen
The question that everyone asks at least once in a lifetime: Where is she? Where is he? Very few people find the answer by searching carefully. Most, however, find their answer by chance. And for most people, that answer changes their whole life. | JkxOc |
HistoryThriller, Friendship / P16 / MaleSlash
It all started with a simple excursion. A kidnapping. Nine young people. With no hope of help. Can you help yourself?
StorySupernatural, Love Story / P16 / MaleSlash
Suga is a soul catcher. Its job is to relieve death of work. If he fails to do this, he dies. But his new assignment, which he received as a result of an unfortunate mishap, is a tough test for him, because who could have expected that he would fall in love with his victim? // BoyxBoy / Now also on Wattpad /
StoryLove Story / P12 / Gen
J-HopeJungkookOC (Own Character) RMV
Kim Sunmi is 22 and only wants one thing: to finally find out what she actually wants in life. That's why she's been roaming the streets of Seoul for months. There, between her temporary job in a nightclub and her passion for dancing, she met seven boys through a misunderstanding with pepper spray, who showed her a world that she had not known before: K-POP.
StoryLove Story / P16 / Gen
J-HopeJungkookKim SeokjinOC (Own Character) RMSuga
An unexpected encounter with someone you knew from an old life can only mean chaos. This is now also clear to Kim Yumi, who had somehow imagined the sudden reunion with her first great love from Daegu differently. Torn back and forth between her old feelings and his new life as an idol, suddenly everything goes haywire. Will that go well?
StoryFantasy, Love Story / P18 / MaleSlash
“Time is a word of infinity. The world itself has an infinite amount of it, but man and all beings of nature in general have only one, short and elusive, time. "By chance the student Min Yoongi can adjust the time of a day. This brings him advantages as well as disadvantages.
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