Why are Apple innovations getting less and less impressive

Great progress.
No limits.

Teachers and staff at prestigious universities make progress with Apple technology. And that in all areas.


Any breakthrough can change the world.

So that the world can breathe better air.

Dr. John Volckens develops solutions that measure air pollution and improve global health.

"With Apple technology, we are bringing our innovations into miniature format - making them user-friendly and affordable for everyone."

Dr. John Volckens
Director, Center for Energy Development and Health
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Colorado State University

Dr. Volckens suffered from asthma as a child and learned at an early age how frightening shortness of breath can be. In connection with his innate curiosity, his closeness to nature and an interest in mechanics, this experience laid the foundation for his mission: to create a world in which the air is clean everywhere. He and his research students at Colorado State University use the Mac to design and build devices that measure air quality. The measurements are recorded on the iPhone - with apps that you have developed yourself. In this way, people can find out about the effects of their breathing air and make well-founded decisions. The more Dr. Volckens can expand his research on air pollution, the greater his contribution to global health.

MacBook Pro. All the power that Dr. Volckens needs to analyze huge data sets on air quality and create impressive visualizations of its results in the form of interactive dashboards. Simultaneously.

iPhone. Dr. Volckens and his team develop their own iOS apps that serve as the user interface for the air sensors on the iPhone. All over the world, these apps collect hundreds of measured values ​​in real time - including temperature, humidity and air quality.

A new, sustainable future for agriculture.

Brad Bergsma explores innovative solutions that are revolutionizing the food industry.

"From machine control to space management - the Apple ecosystem supports us in every area."

Brad Bergsma
Lecturer, researcher and chief information officer
Northwest Kansas Technical College

Bergsma's family has been involved in agriculture for five generations. Farmer's life and success are very important to him as they are an important part of America's economy and culture. Bergsma works with Apple technology for his precise research. iPad Pro and iPhone are his primary tools for finding out how different technologies can make farming more productive, efficient, and cost-effective. With apps on the iPad Pro, he operates sensors in systems and controls drones to collect water and temperature data. Bergsma shares its findings with the farming community, helping the industry improve technology on a global scale.

iPad Pro. Bergsma uses apps such as Climate FieldView on the iPad Pro. This enables him to record, monitor and measure all of his research data, for example on irrigation and plant nutrition - from sowing to harvest.

iPhone. Bergsma uses the iPhone wherever he is - from the greenhouse to the field. The versatility of the iPhone allows it to check weather data, take photos and measure soil moisture at any time.

Get creative without limits.

Dr. Youngmoo Kim develops music technology for the future of live performance and entertainment.

"I want a world in which there are neither limits nor obstacles to human creativity."

Dr. Youngmoo Kim
Director, ExCITe Center
Professor of electrical engineering and computer technology
Drexel University

As a musician and engineer, Dr. Kim brings his passion and research to the point where performing arts and technology meet. Apple technology was his first choice for his innovation center. This allows him to create an environment in which magical ideas can be discovered in unexpected places. Whether it's about visualizing sounds through colors, modulating piano notes or integrating intelligent textiles with robots - the Mac supports all of this. In addition, Dr. Kim Developer Tools from Apple. He uses it to create apps for collaborative projects and gives everyone access to the wonders of music and technology.

MacBook Pro. The Mac runs professional music and visualization apps like Logic Pro and MATLAB with ease. This is how Dr. Kim is taking his research in the field of machine listening, for which he uses specially developed instruments and robots, to a new level.

iPad Pro. Dr. Kim develops iPadOS apps that encourage creative exchange. His app "Virtual ‑ Chorister" combines individual recordings and performances by musicians all over the world into virtual music ensembles.

Academic area

A new idea can become a life's work.

Train the next generation to save lives.

Dr. Derek Harmon is revolutionizing the way medical students learn about human anatomy.

"I love to be there when the lights literally dawn on students, because they see the ingenious architecture of the body and begin to understand how everything works."

Dr. Derek Harmon
Director of the Anatomy Learning Center
Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy
University of California San Francisco School of Medicine

Dr. Harmon has always been fascinated by the wonders of the human body and found his calling in medical education. Teaching a practical subject like anatomy takes incredibly immersive tools. That is why Dr. Harmon Apple technology. The iPad Pro and Apple TV help him create fascinating learning environments for medical students so they can study anatomy both in and outside of the lab. IPad Pro is a powerful camera for showing visuals in courses, a flexible notebook to capture thoughts on the go, and an interactive learning tool that allows students to examine the body before working on one.

iPad Pro. The “Complete Anatomy” app uses the power of interactive 3D models and augmented reality on the iPad Pro so that students can study, experiment and develop even more practical skills from anywhere.

Apple TV and AirPlay. Dr. Harmon holds live demos for his anatomy students from anywhere in the lab. In this way, they learn in a vivid, practical way without everyone having to gather around the table.

Changing human behavior to save the planet.

Dr. Sathya Gopalakrishnan encourages students to bring about ecological changes for a sustainable future.

“The iPad changed the way I teach. It gives me the freedom to work with my students in ways that weren't possible before. "

Dr. Sathya Gopalakrishnan
Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics
The Ohio State University

Dr. Gopalakrishnan grew up in a coastal region of India and has seen for himself how climate change can affect a community. Since then, she has combined her enthusiasm for the planet with her love of education to create positive change. She teaches environmental economics students about the effects of human behavior on climate change so that they can help reduce environmental pollution in their future careers. Apple technology turns your classroom into a dynamic think tank. With integrated accessibility features such as the dictation function and AssistiveTouch, Dr. Gopalakrishnan work with content and illustrate it in real time on the iPad Pro. And the Apple Pencil is your all-in-one tool for sketching, drawing and marking.

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. Dr. Gopalakrishnan likes to use “Explain Everything Whiteboard” on the iPad to record her lessons in environmental economics, break down abstract charts and graphs, and show her students how to solve complex math problems in real time.

Turn artistic ambitions into lifelong careers.

Bradley Hughes helps musicians develop their creative potential and make their dreams come true.

watching a movie

MacBook Pro. The professional all-in-one tool with which Hughes prepares aspiring creatives and producers for successful careers. Logic Pro on Mac is the foundation of his entire music and sound design curriculum. Students learn to record, edit and mix all kinds of music with a professional sound studio. And they create professional portfolios to start a career in the music industry.

iPad Pro. Whenever he has new compositional ideas, Hughes uses Logic Remote on the iPad to play software instruments, record, and mix tracks with multi-touch faders - from anywhere in the room.

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Where there is a will, there is a way to win.

More efficient. From training to matchday.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln uses Apple technology to optimally prepare its university athletes for competitions.

watching a movie

MacBook Pro. The perfect professional tool for professional athletes: inside. Leading sports faculties such as the University of Nebraska-Lincoln use the Mac to analyze performance and train athletes at the highest level. Trainers use the “Hudl Sportscode” app to analyze video recordings, view player statistics, discuss training sessions and prepare teams for the next game.

iPad Pro. Leading college basketball teams use HomeCourt on the iPad Pro to take their progress and training to the next level. The app uses augmented reality to record the movements and statistics of the students during training and to display detailed data such as throwing accuracy, vertical jumping power and speed after each session.

Apps that make everything better.