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Teacher Salary: This is how much you can earn

Teacher Salary Facts

As a civil servant teacher, with a starting salary of EUR 3,487.17 to EUR 3,929.17 gross per month calculate. In each federal state, however, you are paid differently, which is why you should think about where you want to teach beforehand. In addition to the state, the amount of your salary also depends on the type of school, civil service, professional experience and marital status. With a Teacher training for high school you have the best salary prospects.

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  1. Legal clerkship salary
  2. Starting salary
  3. Self test
  4. Influencing factors
  5. Salary according to school type
  6. Career changers
  7. Career opportunities
  8. International comparison
  9. Alternatives
  10. overview

Teacher: salary in the legal traineeship

After you have successfully completed your teaching degree, you will start your legal clerkship. This is where you will earn money for the first time in your new job. How much you ultimately earn in your traineeship depends on the grade of the entry office, thetype of school at which you will teach, the federal state and your marital status from. For example, applicants for a primary school teaching position earn less than prospective high school teachers. As a trainee lawyer at a grammar school, you will be placed in grade A13. In Brandenburg you deserve such a credit 1,540.10 euros gross per month to. For example, you earn less in Berlinwhere you a month only 1,273.96 euros get gross.

Starting salary as a teacher

As with the salary in the traineeship, you can also use the starting salary of a teacher not a general statement to be hit. It depends too much on status, grade, type of school, state and marital status. Most teachers will civil servants and receive a Civil servant salaryby in different grades to be grouped. In most federal states, primary school teachers are in salary group A12, while teachers at upper secondary level are classified in the higher salary group A13 and thus earn more. In Berlin and Brandenburg, primary school teachers and secondary school teachers are paid the same. In Baden-Württemberg, for example, a primary school teacher earns the Grade A 12 to get started 3,841 euros gross a month, while a / -ne Teacher in upper secondary level EUR 4,480.50 gross earned. The profession of teacher is therefore one of the highest paid professions

A not civil servants Teacher is after a Collective agreementfor the countries paid. This is often the case with teachers who are Lateral entry teacher have become. They are divided into different pay levels and pay groups based on experience, the educational qualifications of the teachers and the type of school. The classification varies from state to state. In Berlinwhere there are only salaried teachers and no civil servants, teachers earn money from one Primary school and secondary level I and II schools around 5,299.43 euros gross per month.

federal stateGrade A 12Grade A 13
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania3.565,423.966,50
Lower Saxony3.700,834.140,00
North Rhine-Westphalia3.750,254361,25

* In Berlin teachers are not civil servants, they are only paid according to the tariff. Social security contributions are deducted from their gross salary, which means they earn less than civil servant teachers.

Self-test: is the profession of teacher right for you?

Still not sure if the teaching job is right for you? Then just take our self-test and find out whether you have important qualifications for the job!

Factors influencing the salary of a teacher

When you start a new job, you have to keep in mind that there are different Influencing factors that can either increase or reduce your salary. We have summarized the most important factors influencing the salary of a teacher.

Grade and type of school

For civil servants, the Grade the greatest effect on the salary. Classification in a grade depends on the type of schoolat which teaching takes place. Be like that Primary school teachers in grade A 12 classified. This is similar with secondary and secondary school teachers. Teachers at one High school or a vocational school however, are usually to grade A 13 sorted and thus earn more than their colleagues at elementary, secondary and secondary schools. The Vocational school teacher salary so does not differ from that High school teacher salary. In addition, teachers have one Gymnasium has more opportunities for advancement than at a primary schooland can thus increase your salary even further.

work experience

In order to climb the career ladder, a teacher needs professional experience. To capture this work experience, teachers are trained in Experience levels assigned. At the time of starting their career, they belong to the low experience levels E1 to E5. The exact level at which you are classified depends on your educational qualification and previous experience. After around 20 years of professional experience, teachers usually belong to experience levels E8 or E9. At the beginning a teacher rises every three years to a new level of experience on. Each climb means roughly one Salary increase of three to six percent. With increasing professional experience, however, these advancements decrease, so that a teacher no longer climbs up the experience levels as quickly. For comparison: A high school teacher in North Rhine-Westphalia earns an average of 4,361.25 euros gross per month at the start of their career. After 20 years in the job, the gross salary increases to 5350.08 euros per month.

federal state

There is a special feature in the teaching profession that all federal states pay their teachers differently. The salary groups are set individually by each federal state, so it may be that you earn more in North Rhine-Westphalia than in the same position in Lower Saxony. In Berlin there is also the special feature that teachers are not civil servants and are therefore employed. So if you are not locally bound and become a teacher , you should inform yourself about the Salaries in the individual federal states to inform.

Civil servants

The Civil servants at first glance does not have the greatest influence on a teacher's salary. Those who are not employed as civil servants, but are merely employed, are paid according to a collective agreement that is based on the salaries of civil servants. In gross terms, salaried teachers earn on average the same amount as their civil servant colleagues. However, those who are civil servants must fewer prints Accept, as civil servants do not have to pay any pension, long-term care or unemployment insurance. After deducting income tax, civil servants have more net salaries than salaried teachers, who still have to pay their social security contributions from their gross salary.

marital status

Marital status can also influence the salary of civil servants. Married teachers without children in Baden-Württemberg get one Marriage-related family allowance of 147.62 euros per month. If there are children in this marriage, a teacher receives for the first and second child each 129.07 euros and for the third and each additional child € 389.68 per month. A married teacher with five children could receive a family allowance of EUR 1,574.80 per month.

That's how much you can earn as a teacher at a primary school.

As a primary school teacher, you usually earn less than teachers at a secondary school. If you have just finished your legal clerkship and are starting your job, you can earn EUR 3,929.17 gross per month in Bavaria, for example, because you are classified in the lower experience levels. You earn the least as a career starter in Saarland. There you have to be satisfied with a starting salary of EUR 3,487.17 gross per month. However, as your professional experience increases, so does your salary and after 20 years of work you will earn EUR 5,078.08 gross per month in Bavaria and EUR 4,710.00 gross per month in Saarland Month.

That's how much you can earn as a teacher at a secondary school

Similar to that Elementary school teacher salary The salary of teachers at secondary and secondary schools in most federal states is also based on theGrade A 12. That means they earn just as much. In Lower Saxony, for example 3,700.83 euros gross per month. With increasing professional experience, the gross salary increases to 4,801.00 euros per month after 20 years. The lowest salary offers that too Saarland with EUR 3,487.17 gross per month or 4710.00 euros gross per month after 20 years of professional experience.

That's how much you can earn as a teacher at a high school

High school teachers are those Top earners among the teachers. You are already starting your career in a higher grade (A 13) divided as elementary, secondary and secondary school teachers. in the average High school teachers earn when they start their careers 4,191.51 euros gross per month. With them, too, the salary increases with increasing professional experience and so after 20 years of work they can look forward to an average gross salary of 5355.49 euros per month.

Salary for career changers

If you as Lateral entry teacher want to depends on your educational pathhow you get paid. For example, do you have a master’s degree, several years of professional experience and would like to work as a Career changer vocational school teacher you can be paid in the same way as teachers with a teaching degree. For this you have to complete the legal traineeship and the Examination for the second state examination lay down. Then you will become civil servants just like other teachers. You can also do one with another university degree Get civil servant pay. For example, if you are through a Lateral entry elementary school teacher a university degree with at least seven semesters of standard study time, two years of professional experience and a completed two-year preparatory service is sufficient.
However, if you dare to enter the university with a university of applied sciences degree, a master's degree or a university degree with less than seven semesters of standard study time, you will after one Collective agreement for the countries paid. The gross payment differs little from the civil servant's salary. However, you have to accept significantly higher tax deductions.

Further training and career opportunities as a teacher

The opportunities for advancement vary from school to school. While you're on one Elementary, secondary or secondary school only have limited options have to climb the career ladder, you can advance your career significantly at a high school. This depends on the Distribution of promotion agencies together. At a secondary schools there is only for example ten percent Promotion agencies. This means that if there are 100 teachers working at a school, ten of them can move up to higher service and thus be paid to A 13 instead of grade A 12. While there is a Realschule with 40 percent of promotion points already looks much better, you have at a grammar school with 65 percent of promotion points the best opportunities for advancement. Here you can switch from a student council position (grade A 13) to a Oberstudienratstelle (Salary group A 14) and increase your salary significantly. These promotion positions can be advertised by the school principals in coordination with the school conference. When applying for such a position, your exam grade and years of service play a role. More experience and a better exam increase your chances of getting these positions.

In addition to the promotion positions, there are other opportunities for advancement as a teacher. For example, you can apply for various positions. This includes, among other things Positions for the coordination of the upper level, departments or administration. At the grammar school, these positions are part of the higher service and are in grade A 15 paid. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, that means one Salary of at least 5,232 euros gross per month. You can apply for these positions after a service period of at least four years. Also the Position as school principal is reflected in your salary. At elementary schools, secondary schools and secondary schools, you will be promoted to grade A13 with this position and, with increasing professional experience, you can earn up to € 5,632.58 gross per month. At grammar schools you even belong to grade A 16 and thus earn money at least EUR 5,625.25 gross per month. However, in order to apply to be a school principal, you have to go to one special recruitment procedures participate and bring with them advanced knowledge in the management, organization and development of a school.

Civil servant salary at the highest level of experience

federal stateGrade A 12Grade A 13Grade A 14Grade A 15Grade A 16
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania4.822,835.332,175.799,336.547,177.292,58
Lower Saxony4.801,005.328,085.797,506.548,837.297,83
North Rhine-Westphalia4.829,425.350,085.811,336.554,007.294,33

Differences in civil service and employment as a teacher

As far as the gross salary is concerned, there are no big differences between whether you are a civil servant or employed as a teacher. The The main differences are in the net salary. While civil servants have to accept significantly fewer tax deductions, salaried teachers pay taxes just like any other employee. According to an investigation by the protective association of employed teachers, it comes to one like this in North Rhine-Westphalia, for example Salary difference of around 1000 euros net per month. But it is not only the net salary that differs between civil servant and salaried teachers. The biggest advantage of a civil service is that Civil servants cannot become unemployed. However, they have to accept a transfer if this is ordered. Most civil servant teachers are also privately insured and thus benefit from better benefits in the event of illness and financial aid from the state. Even in old age, civil servants are better protected than salaried employees. By a good pension They don't have to worry about a private pension like employees do and can look forward to retirement with peace of mind.

Teacher salary in an international comparison

If you look at that Salary of teachers across Europe on, German teachers are almost the top earners. With an average gross annual salary of 55,252 euros, they only have to give way to the Luxembourg teachers. They earn around 98,000 euros gross per year. Teachers from the Netherlands (52,832 euros), Denmark (47,728 euros) and Spain (46,231 euros) complete the program Top 5 teacher salaries in Europe. At the The worst become teachers in Poland paid. You can only expect an average annual salary of 15,569 euros per year. Teachers from the Czech Republic (21,362 euros), Greece (30,035 euros), France (31,481 euros) and Italy (33,436 euros) can only dream of the salaries of German teachers.

Earnings in comparable professions

The profession of teacher doesn’t correspond to your expectations, but you still want to pursue a similar profession? We introduce you to alternative earning opportunities.


If you want to teach at a college rather than a school, then this is something you should think aboutProfessorto become. At state universities you will be employed as a professor and after the Grades W 1 to W 3 paid. You start as a junior professor in group W 1 and can work with one of them Salary from 4,219 euros to 4,899 euros gross per month calculate. With increasing professional experience, you will also move up in the grades and can be in the highest grade up to 7,800 euros gross per month to earn. There are also family allowances for married professors and allowances for children. These can be up to 900 euros per month.


You especially like the educational part of the teaching profession and you want one Profession with children exercise? Then he could Profession of educator be something for you. Here the main part of your work is on the pedagogical and the upbringing of the children. As an educator in the public service, you will paid according to tariff. Your starting salary is then around 2,700 euros gross per month. However, what you earn depends on the size of the daycare center and your professional experience. In a large KiTa with over 180 places and if you already have several years of professional experience, your salary can go up to a maximum of EUR 5,600 gross per month increase.

Integration assistant

Another job at a school is that of Integration assistant. As an integration worker, you will look after children and young people with disabilities and help them cope with everyday life situations. The earnings of integration workers, however, are rather low. As a full-time employee at a school, with a salary ofn around 2,000 euros gross per month calculate. As a part-time worker, your salary is upbetween 830 and 1300 euros gross per month

Overview: The most important information about teachers' salaries

  • The salaries of teachers vary from state to state.
  • Civil servants have fewer tax deductions than salaried teachers.
  • How much a teacher earns also depends on the type of school at which he / she teaches.
  • With increasing professional experience, the salary increases automatically.

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