How do popular children become popular

The 100 most popular children's toys [bestsellers]

With which Children's toys do you really make your offspring happy? And which toys can you leave it out? The Experience from countless mothers and fathers are a valuable yardstick when choosing the right toy. The best-selling children's toys are therefore (often) also the most popular and the best - All the others will sooner or later (rightly) disappear again into "oblivion".

tip: The compact overview for Toy novelties can be found here.

Which toy is suitable for which age?

Not every toy is suitable for every child. Babies and children develop very individually in terms of gross / fine motor skills, cognition and perception and also language. Social and emotional development does not progress at the same pace in every child. Therefore:

  • As a rough guide, should be the age information provided by the manufacturer be respected
  • For one really perfect selection of toys but it is necessary that individual preferences and optionsof your child to know exactly.
  • Parents can do that when they are enough time to watch your child play and choose suitable children's toys. example: Your child likes to play right now Building blocks? Then the next step can be to purchase Lego toys, for example. Does your child like to delve into role-playing games? A doll's kitchen or a grocery store are perfect for this.
  • ForSmall children (up to 3 years) applies: the toy is intended primarilyawaken initiative and creativity and promote. In other words, toys that are not “ready” but are a means to an end to stimulate the imagination. example: A wooden craft kit. 
  • Schoolchildren or older children find more joy in toys that a specific goal of the game tracked. Also the social component will in older children more and more pronounced. Games that can be played together with other children (or adults) are therefore gaining in importance. The 18 award-winning "Children's Games of the Year" fit in like a fist on the eye. But of course more complex games such as the Knowledge laboratory of Kosmos Interesting. Likewise, of course, all types of remote-controlled vehicles (overview).

Recommended children's toys (by category)

We have the ultimate Overview of the best-selling toys for children in every Age group and everybody Toy category clearly arranged (the selection of toys is updated daily).

What do people buy most often?
No recommendation is as credible as a verified purchase. That's why our crawlers are looking the best-selling products on Amazon every day from each relevant category. We show the result in the bestseller lists.

Building and construction toys

Elementary school age children (and beyond) need and want bigger challenges. Building and construction toys perfectly satisfies this wish. We have listed the most popular toys in this category here:

1MOONTOY Construction Toys for Children, STEM Building Kit Building Blocks Toys for Boys and ... Currently no reviewsEUR 31.99 EUR 25.99Get it here
2VATOS wooden construction toys, educational Montessori toys from 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+ years ... 256 ratingsEUR 24.99Get it here
3QIMANZI children forts building toy lock building block kit plastic building set ... Currently no reviews13.59 EURGet it here
4WYSWYG straws building block, construction toys from 3 4 5 6 years, 1000pcs straw building set, DIY ... Currently no reviews29.99 EURGet it here
5Geomag, Classic Confetti, 355, magnetic constructions and educational games, construction toys, ... Currently no reviews40.00 EUR23.34 EURGet it here
6BRIO 34588 - Builder kindergarten set 211 pieces. Currently no reviewsEUR 69.99 EUR 50.69Get it here
7Eichhorn 100039046 - Constructor wind turbine - versatile wooden toy 300 components, 8 ... Currently no reviewsEUR 39.99 EUR 29.99Get it here

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Car racing tracks

Our recommended age for Car racing tracks: 0-99 years. Seriously. Every father should such a part indulge his children:

1Carrera GO !!! Race the Track racetrack set | 6.2m electric racetrack with Lamborghini Huracán ... Currently no reviews89.95 EUR 69.95 EURGet it here
2Carrera GO !!! DTM Master Class racetrack set | 8.9m electric racetrack with Ekström & Rasts ... Currently no reviewsEUR 89.95 EUR 79.99Get it here
3Carrera GO !!! Race UP! Race track set | 9 m electric race track with Audi RS 5 Rockenfeller & BMW ... Currently no reviews87.95 EURGet it here
4Carrera GO !!! Max Speed ​​Racetrack Set | 6.3m electric racetrack with Mercedes-AMG F1 W09 EQ ... Currently no reviews74.42 EURGet it here
5Carrera Disney Pixar Cars 3 First Racetrack Auto Racetrack 8 Shape NEW Currently no reviews29.90 EURGet it here
6Carrera GO !!! Winners racetrack set | 6.2m electric racetrack with Rockefellers & Muellers Audi ... Currently no reviews82.50 EUR 69.99 EURGet it here
7Carrera DIGITAL 143 DTM Victory car racing track set │ Premium racing track with 3 remote-controlled ... Currently no reviews196.02 EURGet it here

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Children's vehicles

The same as for car racing tracks applies to electric children's vehicles. Whether for remote control or steering yourself: These parts are electrifying in the truest sense of the word:

1Children's electric car Mercedes ML 350 Original license car 2X 25 watt motor Children's car ... Currently no reviews149.99 EURGet it here
2HOMCOM Children's car Children's vehicle Children's electric car with remote control Red 116 x 75 x 56cm Currently no reviews249.90 EURGet it here
3Actionbikes Motors Toy Electric Car Mercedes Benz C63 - Licensed - Leather Seat - Rc ... Currently no reviewsEUR 219.99 EUR 199.99Get it here
4Bamny 12V children's electric car police car, 2 x 30W motor children's car children's vehicle electric police, ... Currently no reviews239.99 EURGet it here
5Actionbikes Motors children electric car Mercedes Benz AMG SLS - Licensed - Rc 2.4 Ghz remote control ... Currently no reviews139.99 EURGet it here
6HOMCOM children's vehicle Mercedes-AMG GTR electric car with remote control music (MP3 / USB) light 3–6 ... Currently no reviews169.90 EUR 159.90 EURGet it here
7LEGO 10274 Creator Expert Ghostbusters ECTO-1 car large set for adults, exhibition ... Currently no reviews199.99 EUR152.01 EURGet it here

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Games for children

If Placement games for the time alone or Card and skill games for the group. Games are a classic educational toy. Here the most popular games for your children

1Speedy Roll - Piatnik 7168 | Children's game of the year 2020 Currently no reviewsEUR 26.90 EUR 14.99Get it here
2Schmidt Spiele 40458 Bibi Blocksberg witch ball, children's game Currently no reviewsEUR 26.49; EUR 13.89Get it here
3Mattel Games 52563 - S.O.S. Monkey alarm children's game suitable for 2 - 4 players, children's games from 5 ... Currently no reviewsEUR 26.99 EUR 12.08Get it here
4Nice old kids games: ideas for kids of all ages Currently no reviews7.99 EURGet it here
5Hasbro C2093100 - Kristallica, child-friendly game of skill from 3 years Currently no reviewsEUR 19.99 EUR 12.99Get it here
6Dr. Bibber - The Duel Of Calm Hands, classic preschool game Currently no reviewsEUR 27.99; EUR 21.98Get it here
7Hasbro A2120EU4 - Jenga Classic, children's game that promotes reaction speed, ages 6+ 8,911 ratingsEUR 18.99 EUR 12.99Get it here

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Motor skills toys

Especially popular and important in the first few years of life Motor skills toys. Which one of them especially popular with parents and children is? Here are the current bestsellers:

tip: A Pikler triangle is the perfect play equipment for the motor development of children from approx. 10 months.