Tip for a haircut normal

Tip the hairdresser?

Jewel20  📅 29.08.2016 20:38:17

I wanted to ask if it is actually customary to tip the hairdresser? I read somewhere that some do it, but personally I haven't done it yet.

Hair loss  📅 29.08.2016 20:44:11
Re: tip hairdresser?
I always tip, usually 2 euros. This is the only way for a hairdresser to earn a bearable income.
Tranny  📅 29.08.2016 21:08:41
Re: tip hairdresser?
From hair loss I always tip, usually 2 euros. This is the only way for a hairdresser to earn a bearable income.
So what? What kind of stupid argument is that. It's not my job as a customer to ensure that the hairdresser gets a decent salary. Especially not in a country like Germany. The employer has to ensure an appropriate salary. And actually this is also given by the minimum wage.

I think it's cheeky to take tips for granted. No, in my opinion you have to earn a tip through service and friendliness. If someone is normally nice and normally good, they get a normal tip from me. If someone is super nice and super good, they get a whole lot more. But if someone is not really nice and / or not good at their job - why should I give a tip, please ?! I don't see it at all. Usually, kindness and good work should go without saying in and of themselves. But in a country like Germany, tips are even asked for the opposite - how cheeky!

Also: The "tip system" is actually pretty unfair. How does it come about that you only get tips in service occupations? Do they do more / better than a shelf filler, baker or teacher?

Against this background alone, one should critically question this strangely cheeky matter of course for tips. People can be happy when they're in jobs where tipping is the norm. And they don't work elsewhere for the same money where there is no tip.

Incidentally, I also know some people who work in the catering sector. And it is not the case that tipping makes a "bearable income" and could hardly live without the tip. It is more likely that they earn a golden nose with the tip. I would also like to have € 200-600 more each month than I actually earn.

Think about it ...
questioner  📅 29.08.2016 22:56:51
Re: tip hairdresser?
Hmm, we've had a similar thread here before. Since I don't go to an exploitative cheap hairdresser, I only give tips when the hairdresser has really tried. If I only get a haircut, I only pay for the haircut. Usually there are many small details that I do not notice and are therefore not explicitly requested by me, but make the haircut more coherent and increase satisfaction. For that I give a tip.
fida  📅 30.08.2016 01:37:41
Re: tip hairdresser?
Depends on. If I really like the cut, there is usually 2 euros or depending on what change I get. I also sometimes don't give tips, for example when I had to wait forever, even though it was empty, she wants to talk me into the cut and I know that it looks stupid. I've also had the case that the woman was very rude. I would have loved to pay 2 euros less of the price. The cut was good, but no one asked whether the water was at a good temperature, in between she talked extensively with her colleague about private matters and only half-heartedly cut my hair.

That's how I do it in gastronomy. Those who serve me nicely get a tip and those who keep me waiting forever and are unfriendly don't get a tip. I also do that at the bakery, by the way. It costs something 1.90 euros, I give 2 euros and say that's right.
Yo man  📅 30.08.2016 08:22:50
Re: tip hairdresser?
Well, to use the minimum wage and a reasonable salary in one sentence is a bit daring ...

And time did its duty - and passed
(Terry Pratchett - unforgotten)
asdfg123  📅 30.08.2016 09:00:51
Re: tip hairdresser?
I usually tip around 2 euros (with a 17 euro bill) .. Why?
1. My hairdresser always gives me an appointment, sometimes 30-60 minutes before / after opening hours.
2. She always gives me new ideas because I am totally uncreative myself.
3. She usually does her job very well
Re: tip hairdresser?
I usually pay € 11-12 (regular € 9.80).
It only takes 10-15 minutes for me and I don't see that I should pay more for a simple cut. There are hairdressers who want to have around 20 € for ...
And since "friendly" at the hairdresser usually means that you get bubbled up without end, I don't need friendly hairdressers either.
Otscho  📅 30.08.2016 13:43:27
Re: tip hairdresser?
Since I pay € 27 for a simple men's cut, there is no tip.
asdfg123  📅 30.08.2016 13:51:12
Re: tip hairdresser?
From Otscho Since I pay € 27 for a simple men's cut, there is no tip.
Maybe you should look for a new hairdresser? ^^ It is very expensive