What motivates you to keep living

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    Motivation to keep living

    I was already tired of life as a child. Not depressed but tired of life. Quite simply to be tired of living.
    When I wanted to kill myself I met someone and that someone told me a story. I was really fascinated by her and she touched me a lot. She changed my life and made me a better person.

    Years later, when I finished thinking about the story, I decided to write it down so that it would be easier to understand. It is divided into three books which, however, have not yet been written. With this story I hoped to touch people as it touched me and to change them as it changed me. That was the reason why I lived. But now that I've started with the first book I think like that about killing myself and think "rot with your world". If I have learned one thing in life then that life means suffering and life is a struggle just how should I fight when the goal (touching people with this story) is so distant and uncertain. At the moment I often doubt whether anyone wants to read what I have to write. It would be so much easier to kill me.

    Can someone tell me a story that leads me to keep writing?

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    Hello forest honey,
    No, I won't tell you a story, you started by wanting to tell people a story, so what are you waiting for ?.
    Hit it up and put it down on paper what you started. It's not nice to make your mouth watery with a story that is supposed to be exciting and then to question everything.
    I want to read your story, which must be so beautiful that it moved you back then. Let them come alive and please all of our hearts.
    Besides, who said life was easy? Everything is a struggle from the first moment of our life and what is so bad about that?
    Who is not ready to fight has already lost. So write your book and you will see what it does in the end. It will change you and you know what, that's a good thing.
    Writing is a wonderful medium to communicate to the world. I want to know what concerns you and what excited you so much.
    If you manage to do something good for someone in life and thus you too, then you have already achieved a lot. Only those who walk have the path pushed under their feet.
    In this sense .... L.G.

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    I read a post from you that shows me that you have parts in which you have a very objective, distanced image of human beings. You know how to deal with people. Know how to manipulate them. Don't trust them. Stand over them. Want to tell them something; like a prophet who has something special to say that is important to humanity.

    I understand your attitude, but I am not mistaken. You are not the only prophet. A good prophet is a spokesman for the people. He should understand the people and broaden his mind to something better. In my opinion, this is your destiny.

    Many have already fought this fight and are desperate about it. Had ups and downs. Don't expect anything else!
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