I feel weird Is that scared

I'm getting so weird in my head again!

  • Hello!

    Already last year in August when it was so warm it started with panic attacks!

    Had posted all of this before.

    Well the whole thing went really bad for about 3 months with dizziness, derealization, racing heart and everything that went with it was always afraid of fainting.

    Most of all the feeling in my head bothered me, vertigo and always the feeling of not being there I can hardly describe it everything seemed unreal!

    Since Sunday I have this feeling again and I am afraid that it will be my companion again when it gets warmer!

    I'm afraid!

    Oh yes, I'll write that my symptoms just went away back then, I'm from doctor to doctor but everything was ok!

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  • hi FEE,

    I feel the same way, the same symptoms ... that you describe ...

    i have made it up to me to finally go to the doctor today, but shortly before that i also ask myself why? I hope to make it on Thursday ...

    with which doctors have you already been and with what result ???



  • I was with ENT, orthopedist, neurologist everything o.B

    my family doctor wrote down antidepressants for me, but never took them!

    It's been good since November now it's starting again!

    I am so desperate!

  • @ fee25

    Hello you poor

    I can empathize with you. For me it is the same. At times I am completely symptom-free and then everything comes back like a bang. This has been going on for almost 5 years. My symptoms are the same as yours, except that I still have numbness in my arms and legs and the skin sometimes feels as if small chills are trickling over it, not everywhere, only in some places and it's getting more and more.

    Got to see a neurologist on Friday. The complete diagnosis was carried out 2 years ago. From EEG to lumbar puncture, everything was normal. I am alleged to have undifferentiated somatization disorder. But why is she not there all the time and says goodbye for 1/4 to 1/2 year in between. I do not understand!!!

    Write how things are going on with you. I would be very interested. Apparently we're struggling with one and the same thing.

    Kind regards, Ina

  • Hello fairy 25,

    I am also familiar with dizziness, I've been dealing with it for 14 weeks. I have already visited dozens of doctors and all the results were negative. I am now a psychologist (since today) who said it was an anxiety disorder because of dizziness and so on ... it's not easy for me to believe that, but I'll take it that way ...

    I think there will be days when it will be better, that's life now .. All the best .. Greetings

  • The funny thing is I seem to have that only on warm days in winter was nothing, as soon as it got so 25 degrees we started again!

    Perhaps a subconscious fear of circulatory collapse?

    At the moment I don't know how to continue!

    Go through all the doctors again, that doesn't help either!

    Has anyone tried acupuncture before?

  • Hello fairy,

    once it is just the case that the circulatory system has to work harder in warmer weather and one is at least more prone to dizziness.

    The vehemence, however, as you experienced last summer, suggests - together with the medical findings - that there are psychological triggers.

    So now it is getting warmer again and in addition to the physical aspects, there is the memory of last year and the fear that came with it ...

    Acupuncture is not a bad idea, but you shouldn't expect a "miracle cure", but "just take the time for it" and the rest have a relaxing effect.

    In general, one should pay attention to relaxation (possibly progressive muscle relaxation / autog. Training) and - especially in summer - drink a lot, these are the only aids that can be recommended for acute relief.

    Best regards


  • Hello!

    I've already done a progressive muscle relaxation course, but I can't use it for a PAnic attack!

    Then I'm so restless inside that I have to run back and forth, then usually this vertigo comes, I feel like I'm staggering!

    And then this racing heart really scares me!

    Last year my panic fear of collapse I always thought even the ambulance could not help me (which is nonsense) but for me it was totally real I thought I was going crazy.

    My sister, who specializes in psychodrama, said I should test it and just fake a circulatory collapse.

    I did that in my regular disco and lo and behold the bouncers would help immediately and I would never be alone so it cannot happen to me, but in an attack I feel different! So this fear is a little alleviated but still not gone! That might sound crazy now, but sometimes I feel like I'm on clouds! What else can I do?


  • Hello fairy,

    PME during a panic attack, I don't think anyone can do that. It's more about being more relaxed in general, but of course you have to change some things and do such relaxation exercises regularly so that it actually works.

    What you are describing (including the clouds) does not sound "crazy" at all, but rather like an anxiety disorder.

    If it is not just a "temporary crisis", there is actually no way around professional treatment (psychotherapy).

    All the best & greetings


  • but I don't understand why there is nothing for months and now suddenly again!

    What can I do about the strange feeling in my head?

    I know a nice psychologist who works on a kind of problem solving in short-term therapies, which is probably not so suitable!

  • I would like to try alternative medicine now, because the doctors couldn't help me last year either!

    I'll try Reiki! I know it might be rubbish, but it's worth a try, has anyone done that before?

  • Reiki

    Hello fellow sufferers,

    Reiki is also my topic at the moment. Got 1st degree and will just give it a try.

    My chiropractor cracked it once today and then told me that I should learn to live with the dizziness. In only 2% of cases, the dizziness has physical causes. The rest is the psyche! "Schwindele" as a newbie for 2 weeks. It's not that I fall over, I hardly notice any dizziness when I move.

    What I always ask myself in these forums: How do you do your work? I currently have a health insurance certificate, I would like to work again, but the bad air, the computers and not being able to sit down (I'm in stores) don't make things any easier for me.

    Go to a neurologist that week. just take a look.

    See you!

  • how does Reiki work so far? Do you notice that it helps to relax?

    I will start doing this soon!

    I don't feel dizzy all the time only when I'm relaxing or when I have nothing to do, that's the crazy thing about work, but I notice the feeling of derealization very strongly! At first it scared me, now it's my companion!

    The attacks started with me when I had the first day of vacation and the stress decreased a bit!

    I work in nursing!

    Reiki and alternative medicine are my last hope now!

    Strangely enough, this time I don't have heart noses!

  • Hi Fee!

    Sorry ... I did not read the thread completely, but this derealization you are addressing ... Is it as if you were empty in your head! Like a leaden tiredness or drowsiness? No concentration? A stepped away with full consciousness?

    This drowsiness is mostly present in me when I am relaxing, or when I am idling, e.g. when I am idling. B. when playing solitaire (I sometimes do it at work, it's so nice and hollow!)

  • Yes exactly! as if I'm not really there, it's hard to describe!

    Yes, I can almost describe the condition as if I was stoned or drunk, it is terrible, things often appear unreal, as if very strange on clouds!

    Do you know what else you can do about it?

    That brings me to despair crying often because I don't know what to do next!

    Often the feeling is also in department stores and restaurants!

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