Life can you develop serendipity

Can you create your own happiness

Is happiness a coincidence? Is there any way I can affect your happiness in any way? Why are some people seemingly blessed with happiness (or unhappiness) from birth? Can people create their own happiness? Let us try to answer some of these questions with the help of the latest research.

Last update: January 11, 2021

Chance and happiness are part of your life from the time you are born. Because you choose neither the time nor the place nor the family into which you will be born. The same applies to many experiences that you have in the course of your life. At first glance, it almost seems like everything in your life is determined by chance. Still, there could be a few ways you can create your own happiness.

Although people use the word "happiness" without really worrying about it, it is not a concept that is easy to define. It could be said to have to do with random events or circumstances that affect your life positively or negatively. For example, it would be luck if you win the lottery and it would be bad luck if you lose this lottery ticket.

Have you ever wondered if this happiness is actually as random as it seems? While there is no clear answer to this question, some scientists have made insightful and interesting discoveries on the subject. We know that luck (as in our lottery example) is largely determined by chance. However, everyday happiness actually depends much more often on your skills and intelligence. So you can make your own Create happiness?

“The golden opportunity you are looking for lies in yourself. It is not in your environment. It is not luck, accident, or the help of others; it lies in you alone. "

-Orison Swett Marden-

Luck and adversity

If you read the biographies of famous historical figures, you will find that most of them have faced great adversity in their life. In fact, very few of them would be referred to as “happiness” in the usual sense, and their achievements and achievements cannot be explained by sheer coincidence.

But in our everyday life this rule does not seem to apply. The physicists Alessandro Pluchino and Andrea Rapisarda, together with the economist Alessio Biondo, carried out a long-term study over forty years on the subject of happiness with a thousand participants. Their goal was to determine the economic success of each individual participant.

The results were unsettling. Because the most talented and gifted people weren't the ones who ended up being in the best financial position. The factor that seemed to have the greatest impact was luck. Although the most talented subjects achieved a certain level of wealth, the most successful people were actually those who were most fortunate.

Luck and logic

So what does this mean in relation to happiness? On the one hand, there are women and men who have made a major contribution to society and have faced considerable adversity in life. On the other hand, there are less talented people who have great financial success because, according to a study, they were simply lucky.

But is there something missing from this equation? Maybe, says Dr. Christian Busch, the author of the book The Serendipity Mindset: The Art and Science of Creating Good Luck.In addition, Dr. Bush loud The Economist,Diplomatic Courier Magazine, Ideas People andDavos 50 also one of the world's 100 most influential thinkers.

Busch argues that the key lies in the enigmatic term he uses in his title: Serendipity. He says these lucky sparks are not necessarily products of chance.

For Busch, it's about finding meaning in the unexpected and coincidences. In addition, you also need to be willing to use these moments to your advantage. The best part is that he believes it is a skill that you can work on and develop. As a result, you can theoretically create more happiness for yourself in life.

Ways You Can Create Your Own Happiness

In addition, Dr. Busch, that happiness is a matter of perspective. Happiness seems to "leave" you when your desire for control leads you off the path that you have not yet taken very often or never before. In other words, when your fear of the unknown dominates your behavior.

The unexpected is not there to create problems. Instead, it serves to show you the truths that you would otherwise have closed yourself to. In addition, the unexpected often hides the gift of happiness as long as you are ready to accept it. The real building blocks of happiness are to accept the imperfections of reality, Finding answers to your mistakes and responding to unforeseen events and circumstances with imagination and creativity.

And here the stories of great historical personalities and less talented, but very wealthy people meet. What they have in common is an excellent ability to deal with the unexpected. Other people are not so successful because they want to live in a world of certainties. As a result, their potential stagnates and cannot fully develop. You are unable to see the diamonds that sparkle in the darkness of chaos.

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