Guard dogs make really good pets


Canine sport crown

Many dog ​​owners describe the training for protection service, i.e. the training of the defense readiness from the natural fighting instinct, as the crown of the dog sport. You judge the dog primarily by its sharpness and hardness. The protection dog sport is much more, it is the working dog training par excellence.

What does a protection dog have to learn?

What is required of a so-called Schutzhund in training? For example, he has to "work out" a track of 400 to 800 paces and be able to find up to three objects. In addition, there are the achievements in subordination: being on a leash and impartiality, free following, sitting exercise, laying down in connection with approaching, bringing an object on level ground and jumping over a hurdle, later even over a climbing wall, sending ahead with lying down, laying down while being distracted as well as checking the gunshot indifference. And of course also the actual protection service. The exercises consist of patrolling the helper, standing and barking, and then the dog is attacked, and if the helper stands still, the dog just has to guard him. The helper uses this "resting phase" of the dog to flee. The dog may only start the chase when he has received the instruction from the dog handler, and must then keep the helper at a distance and fend off his renewed attack.

Guard dogs are in great demand

The dog is very stressed during these exercises, as it is immediately called back to obedient behavior from stimulus situations. The test places high demands on the dog's drive behavior, self-confidence and resilience. Whether a dog is suitable for this training for private or professional use depends on the nature of the dog: balance, strong nerves and self-confidence, paired with indispensable obedience, are among these requirements.