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In this article we will explain the options you have with your gas stove!

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Like all those traveling by car, I initially had the typical standard gas stove * with butane gas. Practical, square good, so to speak. But unfortunately I cook regularly every day and accordingly use about 2 butane gas cartridges per week. Of course, that's still a lot cheaper than eating out every day. But still, it is also money that you spend.


Savings packages make it cheaper

Now you can buy them for 1.50 NZD in the warehouse for a really cheap price, but that's also 3 NZD per week. You can find the link to the gas cartridge savings package here *.

Not to mention the garbage I produce with it and that I only have a flame.
So rather spartan and simple. In the beginning it was enough for me for the first month of traveling. But now I've looked around what is more economical and more convenient.

In doing so, I came up with the second standard cooker here in New Zealand. The typical Gasmate 2 burner stove * with 2kg LPG gas bottle *.

The Gasmate cooker costs around 100 NZD new and depending on the case even uses significantly less. Sometimes you are lucky in the bigger cities that you get an offer there.

There are also many replicas, some of which are cheaper than the original. For example, I got mine for 72 NZD and then got the 2kg LPG gas bottle in the warehouse for 40 NZD.

So let's do the math for the initial investment.

The inexpensive 1 burner stove costs 25 NZD + 6 NZD for the first charge of gas.
Sum 31 NZD

The better 2 burner Gasmate stove costs 99 NZD + 40 NZD gas cylinder + 10 NZD for the first filling.
Total NZD 149

Now I need 2 gas cartridges for the small stove per week, which equates to 3 NZD per week in consumables.

With the large cooker, I have to have the filling done about every 6 weeks. That means almost 10 NZD every 6 weeks or about 1.70 NZD per week. So only a little more than a gas cartridge for the cheap gas stove costs. But the whole thing combined with more comfort and two burners, accordingly you can cook much easier and more delicious.

Costs for 1 person

As you can see in the chart above, with a usage similar to mine, you as an individual will not get over the threshold if you buy everything new and you can get by with one LPG filling for 6 weeks. But in the end there is only a difference of 48 NZD. The comfort gain is worth it to me. With two flames you can quickly heat up pasta and tomato sauce. But you can also use the pot and pan at the same time. So all in all, it is much more comfortable.

Costs for 2 people


With 2 people and a use similar to me, you will achieve the whole thing shortly before the end of a year. Exactly in week 46. That means with 2 people it makes sense, even if the savings would not be huge.

Costs for 3 people


If you have 3 people, you will save on the single cooker after just 30 weeks.

The gas bottles are of course also available in larger versions with which you can save even more.

I hope I could help you make a decision on the right way to cook.


Do you have questions or suggestions? Write a comment under the article.

Save Travels and have a pleasant journey through New Zealand.


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