Why do students find their teachers attractive?

Dream job school : Teacher - an outrageously attractive profession!

So, so: The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft) states in its current university report that the teaching profession is not particularly attractive to high school graduates with a very good Abitur. Unfortunately, this result is anything but a surprise; after all, the job offers few opportunities for advancement. And opportunities for advancement or real career prospects are probably much more important for ambitious high school graduates and university graduates than a 110 percent secure job, which the civil service promises in most federal states.

The teachers themselves, regrettably, bear part of the responsibility for creating this devastating impression. Because they rarely talk about anything other than their workload. That's why nobody notices that the teaching profession is already outrageously attractive!

Spend afternoons in the outdoor pool - and make corrections in the process

Let's start: teachers can organize a large part of their work themselves. This is only possible in very few professions. It's a great luxury to be able to quickly correct a test during a Champions League quarter-final first leg or prepare lessons for the next day. Much can be optimally organized through clever second-time utilization. This means that you can spend your afternoons in the outdoor pool - and even there you can make corrections. Fifty-hour weeks can easily be spread over six or seven days (and there is also time for the children).

Teachers are almost always the boss in the time that they cannot organize themselves! During their class time they are a kind of department head with special powers. The departments are just not called department, but class group. A teacher sometimes leads such a class association for several years. He alone makes decisions. He's the one in charge of the reins. That is why leadership and the ability to make decisions with confidence are so important to a teacher.

Teachers can turn their hobby into a profession. The one who loves the French language and teaches French, who may sometimes despair of students who simply cannot pronounce the nasal sounds, but a teacher is constantly occupied with his hobby. Like a professional footballer who has turned his hobby into a profession. (Yes, the footballer deserves more.) If this French teacher succeeds in getting a student excited about Paris or - that is more difficult - Sartre and Camus and passing on his passion, there is hardly anything more satisfying.

Stay young and learn from students how Whatsapp works

The greatest thing: As a teacher, you accompany children and young people in the most important phase of their lives. You don't just accompany them, you have a direct influence on them! If you don't get frustrated and are able to take your own aging with humor, the job offers a lot of rejuvenation potential. And you will never be frightened by new technical achievements. Because your own students are the ones who explain most patiently and lovingly how Whatsapp works exactly.

Last but not least: as a teacher you are free! In summer you can wear shorts, in winter your favorite fleece, and even the director doesn't wear an annoying tie. As a teacher, you don't have to dress up - you remain an individual. You simply remain yourself. Ten bankers can no longer be distinguished from one another from ten meters away. Even female bankers usually dress like bankers.

Bonus payments would help for organizational matters, for example

For these reasons, the teaching profession is already extremely attractive. But of course the attractiveness could be increased. Here are a few suggestions:

The problem isn't the salary. The starting salary is comparatively high, and at forty you make a decent income, but compared to corporate executives or doctors (who also complain all the time), teacher salaries are certainly not a reason for top high school graduates to become teachers. It is therefore imperative that salaries are flexible. Schools have to get a budget and then determine the salaries themselves. Bonus payments for teachers with a particularly high number of exams or for special achievements - such as the organization of a school partnership - would certainly be a means of increasing the attractiveness of the profession.

A healthy competition and the best teachers

There has to be a competition! This competition is practically impossible because teachers cannot simply “apply”. You must submit an application for transfer and that application must be approved by the director and then the relevant authority. That's absurd! If a teacher wants to apply for a job advertisement at another school - in whichever state it is located - then no obstacles should be put in the way of such a teacher. This is the only way to create healthy competition between individual schools for certain teachers.

Why a school should not lure a teacher with the prospect of special bonus opportunities or a perfect work environment is completely puzzling. In the economy, the best people are being recruited. At the moment, the prospect of civil service is being advertised. With the prospect of security. With prospects like this, you get top high school graduates who are ambitious and want to face challenges, but not on board.

The author teaches French and history at a vocational college in North Rhine-Westphalia. He is the author of the book "Lehrer, Traumberuf oder Horrorjob?", Which was published by Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht-Verlag.

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