How can we react to strange girls

Children addressed by strangers: this is how they should behave

It is a horror idea for many parents: a man speaks to the daughter or son on the street and takes the child with him. Concern is currently great, especially in the southern part of Hanover. The 57-year-old man has been in psychiatry since Thursday lunchtime after trying in numerous cases to lure schoolgirls to his home. However, many parents are concerned that the incidents could repeat themselves in one way or another.

Children should learn to say “no”

That is why the Hanover police have put together tips for parents: Parents should tell their children that they can also say “No” to adults. The girls and boys are not obliged to talk to strangers or provide information. “Don't worry your child,” emphasizes police spokesman Thorsten Schiewe. "But parents should keep telling their child that they are not allowed to go with someone or get in their car without their parents' permission." And the children should tell their parents if they are asked to come along or if they are not allowed to do so even did.

Mothers and fathers should prepare their children so that strangers may speak to them and ask them to come or ride with them. Parents can set rules of conduct for the way to school or the children's leisure time. Role-play games, which some experts recommend, shouldn't be played by parents. Because these would only frighten the children unnecessarily, say the police.

If possible, travel in groups

The police advise that children should not go to school or the playground alone, but rather in small groups with other children. Because the group protects. And the girls and boys should get used to punctuality. For the way to school and in the vicinity of the apartment, parents and their children can look for reliable contact persons in the worst-case scenario. This could be the employees in a shop, a doctor's office or an authority, or friends of the family in a house.

In an emergency, children should speak to other adults and ask for help, advises the Hanover police. Another possibility is to shout out loud for help, for example simply “fire”. If you run away, you should definitely run to other people and under no circumstances hide. If the opportunity arises, those addressed can also dial emergency number 11o (also works without credit and without a SIM card).

Don't spread rumors

If a child reports to parents that they have been approached by a stranger, parents should praise the girl or boy for it. The parents should then notify the police, this can be done at any time via the emergency number 110. And police spokesman Schiewe asks urgently not to spread rumors. A short message in a WhatsApp group or on Facebook could quickly create false suspicions that can no longer be taken back. Instead, it should be left to the police to decide when information should be made public.

From Mathias Klein