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37 Practical Travel Gadgets for Women

[Advertising] In this post I present travel gadgets and link to Amazon products in several places. I receive a commission for any purchases.

Not only when traveling, but also in everyday life we ​​women carry a lot of stuff with us. Some of it makes sense, some less. I have a few things of my own that I take with me almost everywhere. Sometimes I grab my little elephant wallet and think to myself: “Simply practical. Everyone should have it! "

I don't want to talk about it for long. Here are 37 handy travel gadgets (not only) for women:

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Money belt with secret compartmentadvertising

When men carry their wallets in their pockets, nobody cares. But as a woman you never know what to do with the money. I use this belt when traveling to hide bills and coins. This is not only favorable in terms of safety. It also doesn't bulge out my trouser pockets and doesn't make me wider than necessary :-)

Neck pillow with hoodadvertising

You probably know that: you want to sleep on a train or plane, but you have nowhere to rest your head. So he keeps tipping forward or to the side. Not with this gadget! The neck pillow with hood ensures that your head is well packed and stabilized.

Mini razoradvertising

One of my highlights: a cute, small mini razor! It goes by the name "Gillette Venus Embrace Snap Shaver", goes into every toilet bag and is lightweight. The blades are also interchangeable, by the way. Drying off after shaving prevents rusting. Warning: you will still not be able to pack the little rascal in your hand luggage!

Insect sting healeradvertising

A revelation! Even as a child I sometimes had 30 mosquito bites at the same time, which swelled a lot. If only I had this part! You hold it for a few seconds on a mosquito bite (or herpes!). The area is briefly heated to around 50 degrees, which is not pleasant, but tolerable. The itching, redness and swelling will then go away. Ingenious - not just for travel!

Small pocket hairbrushadvertising

Since I ride my bike a lot, I know what a helmet hairstyle is ... In addition, long hair is ALWAYS disheveled anyway, after half an hour at the latest, nothing is as it used to be. For tens of years I have had a small pocket hairbrush that I take with me almost everywhere. It weighs almost nothing and helps to bring order back to your hair in no time at all. A small, integrated pocket mirror is practical. Anyone who wants to check the lipstick again right away will appreciate it. Rather, I check to see if I have grease from the bike lock on my face. When I recently discovered the camouflage-like stripes on my cheek, I was no longer surprised by the slightly confused look of the receptionist.

Pocket mirroradvertising

OMG, a pocket mirror with a biscuit look! Anyone who already has a pocket brush without a mirror could be inspired by this cute, calorie-free gadget. This cookie-look mirror has an integrated comb on the inside. Unfortunately, you can't choose the color, but who's going to be picky - brown and very dark cookies are always good!

Mini hand creamadvertising

My hands have to go through a lot. In wind and weather, they cling to the handlebars and get off the cold, heat and sun. When doing sports, they have to do push-ups. In return, they are far too seldom applied. I almost always have hand cream with me! But taking away alone does not earn you any points. I still have to grease it!

Refillable perfume atomizeradvertising

The full perfume bottle? Too heavy for vacation! Refillable perfume atomizers are available for this purpose. Approximately 10 ml fit in. How it goes? Pull off the cap, pull off the upper part, unscrew the thread and spray in. A no-brainer for the price!

Refillable bottles for shampoo & Co.advertising

Anyone who flies must comply with the hand baggage regulations. These do not adhere to common shampoos and conditioners in their normal sizes. You can fill this set yourself at home. This saves money because you don't always have to buy small samples from brand manufacturers that are disproportionately expensive.

Tampon pocketadvertising

It has happened to me many times: my bag tips over and the tampons roll out ... To prevent this from happening and to keep the shape in the ladies' room, there are teasing little bags - especially for this one purpose, of course. I use a small box that is sometimes free with the tampons, but admittedly: it sometimes rattles in it.

Pill storageadvertising

Every evening the motto is: “Use your brains and don't forget the pill!” This adorable bag with the inscription “Forget-me-nots” should not be missing on this women's gadget list. Of course, the Grid-it is also a good storage option as well as a conventional wallet.

Travel nail care setadvertising

Especially on summer holidays, the nails grow very quickly (should be due to the salt!). A small travel nail care set brings the claws under control. The tweezers for plucking eyebrows or tick bites are also included.

Women's urinal / disposable (for festivals or when traveling)advertising

Who wants to sit down on camping toilets ?! The toilets are also uninviting at festivals, concerts and other events. Many women would benefit from a disposable or reusable urinal. Cardboard or plastic - a matter of taste. The risk of infection is definitely lower! Learn more about urinals for women here.

Menstrual cupadvertising

Some women take on longer treks or other survival trips Menstrual cups back. I've tried the AvaLoona myself and, with a little practice, learned to appreciate it. It feels good not to be making a bunch of junk every month. Many also buy two pieces that they use alternately. Learn more about menstrual cups here.

Toilet glasses protection / seat coveradvertising

An alternative to the urinal (and for business that cannot be done standing up) are toilet seat covers. Whether on the motorway toilet, on the camping toilet or the festival dixi: sitting down here has no consequences.

Hygiene set for disinfectionadvertising

Sometimes you are on a day tour all day and have no opportunity to wash your hands. Or there is no soap on the toilet. Then I am happy when I have hand disinfection with me. This prevents gastrointestinal problems. This set, which is suitable for hand luggage, consists of hand disinfection foam, 15 wipes for hand and surface disinfection and a pack of handkerchiefs. If you want to save, you can also just use hand disinfection.

Contact lens care products for hand luggageadvertising

My friend orders this set before every trip (one set is enough for a week). The advantage: the set can be carried in hand luggage (falls under the usual guidelines for liquids). Thus, it is very convenient for business and leisure trips.

Bill capsuleadvertising

This small chasuble is a good alternative or addition to the elephant wallet or for pill storage (especially for pills that are not precisely divided up for the day like the anti-baby pill and packaged accordingly). This small multifunctional part can be taken anywhere on the bunch of keys and will hopefully stay true to the man (or woman) there. Of course there are the little things in an estimated 100 colors.

Emergency rain ponchoadvertising

A key fob that keeps you dry. This little emergency poncho doesn't take up much space and yet keeps you dry if it suddenly pours. This little ball (of course in many different colors!) Seems to me to be very useful not only for festivals but also for everyday life.

Travel journaladvertising

A bit cheesy, okay, but I still have one when I travel to this day Notebook with it. There I at least write down in bullet points when I did what and where. The travel route can be reconstructed afterwards with a map, but this way more experiences are left behind. Of course, every standard notepad does. A little book that doesn't weigh much and can withstand a little something (heat, cold, wet) always looks good.

I have presented the most beautiful travel diaries in this post.

Muesli cups to goadvertising

This gadget is more for short trips, but also for commuters. It is a cereal bowl with a removable milk container and integrated cooling (double-walled and cooling gel). Put in muesli, add milk, done. Reviewers say the mug keeps cool and tight. If that is nothing!

Drinking bottle with fruit insertadvertising

I first encountered this drinking bottle with an insert for fruits and vegetables a few weeks ago in a waiting room. There sat a young woman across from me who had put cucumber sticks in the fruit basket. I was a little jealous of their cucumber water. This drinking bottle also looks good with pieces of fruit. For those who are bored with water, this gadget is a cool idea for on the go.

Portable washing machine (wash bag) for washing clothesadvertising

Swimwear, underwear, the travel towel - if you want or have to wash your laundry on the go, you basically have two options: have it washed in a laundry or wash yourself. Most of the time the sinks are small or you don't have a suitable plug with you. The wash bag solves this problem. The portable washing machine is ideal if you are on the road for a long time and do not always want to be dependent on laundries.

Flexible clotheslineadvertising

A flexible clothesline that can be stretched across the room or on the balcony is not only suitable for women when traveling. Towels, bikinis, underwear & Co. simply dry faster.

Universal plugadvertising

If you don't find a plug in the sink in your accommodation, hand washing is an annoying affair. You will need either underpants or a cloth to seal the drain. This universal plug always fits, even in the shower drain. I recently bought it myself. He served me well with washing in Thailand.

Travel sewing kitadvertising

I can just sew a button like that. But a sewing kit is also useful for patching tents. In Thailand, the sewing kit is also used to mend mosquito nets (but adhesive tape does it too). The needle has also helped against a splinter in the foot!

Inflatable pillowadvertising

Backpacking means traveling through the country on your own. Most of the time, you cover many kilometers by bus or plane. An inflatable pillow can save the mood. I personally find the neck pillow uncomfortable, but of course that is a matter of taste.

Compression / travel knee socksadvertising

Who does not know it? After a few hours of flight, your legs will inevitably get fat. I also notice it when I take a long train ride. That is why I have been putting on compression stockings for a number of years. This is not only pleasant when you have to wait longer somewhere in winter and it is cool. It also helps limit swelling.

Quick drying toweladvertising

A classic! Ever since I got my quick-drying travel towel, I've loved it again and again. After bathing (even in local waters) it dries very quickly, it is light and can be put back in the backpack in no time at all. The set of 2 from Mave Athletics is good for drying off and laying on.

Beach safe / money hiding placeadvertising

While you are bathing in the sea or in the pool, are your belongings unattended on the beach? This Money hiding place looks like sunscreen, but offers space for money, ID, key (card), money cards & Co. Other cool hiding spots for money are water bottle safes, cola and tin cans, spray cans and cases with a combination lock

Foldable travel hair dryeradvertising

If you air dry your hair, you can skip this point. Many of my friends don't go out of the house without a hairdryer. A foldable travel hair dryer is then practical. Of course it doesn't have the same breath as the hair dryer at home, but it will work for a few days!

Sleep maskadvertising

Due to the all-round lighting in the aircraft, I usually cannot sleep. But it's much better with a sleep mask. Even with jetlag problems or translucent curtains, darkening at eye level can save sleep. A gel pillow helps against puffy eyes, but of course it should be cool. I tested my favorite here.

Pocket umbrellaadvertising

If a poncho is too daring for you, you might prefer a small, handy umbrella. I mostly forget my umbrella, but that's another story.

pepper sprayadvertising

I have never myself pepper spray used, but would have me as a single woman traveling alone z. B. felt a little safer here and there in Mexico. For the record: "Use against people is only permitted in the event of an emergency and an unlawful attack as a self-defense.", See Wikipedia.

Vacuum / compression bagsadvertising

With Vacuum or compression bags you get more clothes in the suitcase. Hence, they are one of the most popular pieces in the travel accessories category. But be careful, don't underestimate the weight! When it comes to clothes, I usually take way too much with me. In Southeast Asia it is definitely not worth taking too many things with you, as washing is very cheap. Find out more about vacuum bags for travel here.

Packing cubesadvertising

Instead of plastic bags, these hold Packing cubes Clothes, shoes and small items are neatly packed together. Luggage can also be better divided and organized with family members. A laundry bag for dirty laundry is included with most sets. Here I tested a set of packing cubes. Here you can find an overview of the different packing cube providers.

Grid itadvertising

Nothing is crushed. The biggest problems with handbags are: you can't find anything and everything flies apart: Labello, pocket mirror, handkerchiefs, cell phones, keys, tampons. Not with this piece that I've been carrying around for years. This "clipboard" has rubber bands in different lengths with which small items can be gently clamped and fixed. So nothing flies around wildly or gets lost in a mysterious way. The Grid-it is available in different sizes. I am of medium size myself and I am very satisfied. You can find my test report here.

elephant walletadvertising

My elephant wallet has already served me well, especially in Thailand, where I only used credit cards and banknotes anyway. There are many varieties of these minimalist wallets.

I have one of the most reduced forms that equates to a large rubber that holds bills and coins together in two small compartments. Often nothing more is needed. I also think this part is great for leaving. You just lose or spend too much money anyway! Here you can see more details of the elephant wallet.

Luggage scaleadvertising

I've already paid too much because I was unsure about the weight of my baggage: I booked extra baggage on domestic flights in Thailand because I thought my backpack was too heavy for the free category. I still had credit! A small luggage scale protects against surprises at the departure desk!

External battery for the mobile phoneadvertising

If the cell phone battery runs out again after a long journey or a flight, this external battery is there. Connect the USB charging cable, connect your mobile phone, done. It weighs less than 250 grams and is available in black and white. There are of course also chic designs in pink ...

RFID blocker coveradvertising

RFID blocking card sleeves offer protection when you are on vacation from an unauthorized scanner reading your credit card or passport. The covers are so thin that they fit in a normal wallet.

Mini pocket alarmadvertising

A mini pocket alarm is the gadget of choice for women who walk alone through dark streets in the evening and feel more secure when they can scare off potential attackers with a loud alarm. Sometimes a flashlight is integrated.

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