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Man is a social being. That's why it's natural that we want to be liked by others. And even if we learn in the course of our lives that it is okay if not everyone likes us and that the most important thing is that we like ourselves, it is still nice to connect with other people and build deep relationships with them .

In order to be able to do that, we first have to learn how to deal with others in the first place. Often we are so limited to ourselves that we do not even notice how others are doing in our presence. This makes it difficult for some of us to meet new people, or to build friendships or relationships that are not only superficial but also go deeper.

Here are 5 things that have personally helped me get along better with people and build deeper relationships with others.


1. Show genuine interest

Even if we don't like to admit it, we are all selfish in some ways. Everyone likes to talk about themselves and their problems and worries, their goals and dreams, their plans, achievements, hobbies and interests. And that's perfectly okay, because we like to share our thoughts with others. However, if everyone just wants to talk about themselves and not listen to the other at all, then there is no real exchange.

If we really want to get to know someone, then we have to be interested in them and show them that too. We need to ask questions and encourage the person to tell us about themselves. We have to be able to empathize with them and show empathy. Everyone opens up sooner or later when they are given the opportunity and have the feeling that they can also trust the other.


2. Really listen

We all have these particular interests or that one hobby that we could just talk about for hours. If you really want to get to know someone or just make them happy, then you have to find that one subject of the person. Everyone, really everyone, is happy when given the opportunity to talk about their passions.

Once we have found this passion in the other person, we should first just let them talk, not interrupt them, be attentive and just listen. If we give someone our full attention, it is of incredible value to the other. Especially in times when everyone only listens with half an ear because they are staring at their smartphone or television again. Asking relevant questions that are honestly interesting is a sign of complete attention that everyone is happy to receive.


3. Give a smile

A smile is worth a thousand words. It's amazing what two upturned corners of the mouth can do. A smile simply attracts other people and makes you likeable. Everyone wants to be surrounded by happy people, and happy people just smile.

In addition, smiling is healthy and puts you in a good mood. It ensures the release of the happiness hormone dopamine and makes us immediately happier. And when someone smiles at us, we usually smile back automatically. So a smile can be easily doubled and thus doubled again and again and again.


4. Show real appreciation

Everyone likes to get compliments. However, we also notice immediately if someone is not serious about what he is saying, but just wants to gain an advantage for himself. Real appreciation comes from the heart. When we give them to others, we have no ulterior motives in our heads, we just want to make the other person happy.

Honestly telling others what you like about them is a great quality. And that's not always that easy, because we are often afraid of being rejected. It's just wonderful to see the other person's smile when you show them real appreciation. Showing someone real appreciation can look very different. We can praise the person, appreciate something they said or did, remember small details, ask questions, ask for their opinion, praise their progress, or give them real compliments.


5. Show vulnerability

Why is it so easy in front of some people to open up completely and be yourself and so difficult in others? This is simply because with the former we feel that we are accepted for who we are and that we are not judged for anything. And we gain this trust in other people by showing that they are vulnerable to us. Because when someone confides in us their fears and admits their mistakes, we feel safe enough to do the same.

Showing vulnerability is incredibly powerful. We all wear masks that we often only drop on certain people or in certain situations. We always want to be strong. We want to look good. We want to be winners. We want to be invulnerable. It is just incredibly exhausting to walk around with a mask all the time. It feels so much better to take it off and just be yourself. And that also means being vulnerable and showing it.

The truth is - we all need deep and genuine relationships to be happy. And the first relationship we should take care of is our relationship with ourselves. Because only when we have a good relationship with ourselves can we develop deeper relationships with others. Even if we should never make ourselves dependent on others, other people are a very important and essential part of our happiness. Because all the happiness in the world will never feel as good as when we can share it with someone.



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