Why is my life incomplete

In 2007 I met my current husband. We have made it our principle not to take things personally, but to see them as an expression of our current reality. And that can be changed. Humor, laughing at ourselves, helps us a lot with this.

A satisfied or happy person cannot hurt another person. It was important to find the strength within myself and not outside with other people. I realized that life is worth living, no matter what. We can learn for a lifetime, learn lessons from it, and break new ground if we want.

So many people are missing something

There are people who have everything to the outside world and still jump off the bridge. For us, a lot revolves around performance and money. Yet so many people are missing something. Things don't always go as we imagine. Does that much money or our status help us then? Money can certainly make things easier, but when illness and death are on the threshold, we would exchange all of this for health and life.

Children know this even better than we adults. When I am with them, I feel this irrepressible vitality and joy in life. That's why children can endure so much.

But we can all grow, from all things. As terrible as they are. Everything has a purpose. And when we no longer recognize that, then we despair. "


Silke Naun-Bates, 48, is a freelance editor who offers seminars on personal development. She lives with her partner in the Neckar-Odenwald district and on the Canary Island El Hierro. Last year she wrote her first book: "My way to freedom" to refer to Amazon or directly from Sheema Medien Verlag. Videos about, by and about her are published here: mein-weg-in-die-freiheit.info.