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“Outsourcing is displacing the field service!” - 5 classic misconceptions about sales outsourcing

But there are also some wrong assumptions about sales outsourcing. points out errors that will surprise you and tells you what outsourcing can really do.

The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Outsourcing Sales

1 Outsourcing of sales displaces our own sales force!

No, that's not the case. Sales outsourcing is a complementary service that acts as an extension of your own sales team. Often customers who were previously looked after by the external sales team are developed to the point that they are returned to the field service. The company's own sales department is therefore not pushed out of the company, on the contrary: the aim is for the field service and external, active sales force to work together in efficient tandem support.

2 Outsourcing of sales saves costs!

No - at least not right away. Outsourcing sales is not a cost-saving measure, but rather an investment - after all, the external sales team wants to be paid. The aim is to generate new sales with neglected customer groups such as C customers, new product groups or in unprocessed regions. This investment only pays off when the "external" have activated untapped sales potential. For this, the external team needs a start-up phase of around six months, in which the cooperation with the client is established - the beginning of an outsourcing project is initially pure hard work with incurring sales. The fruits are only harvested afterwards in the ripening phase of the project.

3 Through sales outsourcing, know-how is withdrawn from my company!

Usually the opposite is true. The commissioned external sales staff have in-depth knowledge of the sales systematics for typical markets and industries in which sales outsourcing is used. A partnership-based exchange with the client can result in a fruitful transfer of knowledge for both sides - after all, the client in turn has valuable knowledge about his products that is made available to the external partner.

4 As soon as external sales employees are at the start, things run by themselves!

This is a mistake that can jeopardize the entire outsourcing project. Sales outsourcing can only be successful if there is fluid communication between in-house sales and the external outsourcing partner about customers, ongoing processes and current developments. Good internal communication is also important in order to avoid competition between your own sales staff and the external team.

5 I could test sales outsourcing for a short period of time

This is exactly what you should absolutely avoid - 'Try makes you smart' does not apply to this service. Outsourcing is like running a marathon. Starting with the provision of the budget and finding a suitable partner to the external sales team of the outsourcing partner, where processes have to be established. If you don't see sales outsourcing as a long-term discipline, you shouldn't start such a project in the first place.

What sales outsourcing can really do

If implemented correctly, outsourcing can be a powerful tool to activate untapped sales potential - for example in the small customer segment. With a competent outsourcing partner, your own sales team wins in several ways: Your own sales team is supplemented by an external force, while valuable resources for strategic tasks and core competencies are freed up in the in-house sales team.