Which currency has the highest inflation

Photo galleryThe countries with the highest inflation in the world

In the euro zone, the European Central Bank is aiming for a value of two percent. Economists do not currently expect prices to rise any faster. Inflation in Germany and the euro zone currently remains under control.

Depending on the rate, there is a difference between a slight inflation with a loss of value of up to five percent per year, a severe inflation (depreciation of more than five percent per year) and a hyperinflation with a loss of value of more than 50 percent per month. Nine of the following ten countries are struggling with severe hyperinflation - one of them even with hyperinflation. Here are the countries with the highest inflation rate according to estimates by the CIA World Factbook for 2017.

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# 10 Egypt

The inflation rate in Egypt was an estimated 23.5 percent last year. Such an inflation rate has not existed in the Nile state for a generation. It is accepted by politicians as a consequence of fresh government loans.

# 9 Yemen

Yemen's economy had struggled before the civil war. Meanwhile, the central bank can neither cover the import of essential goods nor the value of the national currency. The inflation rate was 24.7 percent last year.

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# 8 Argentina

Argentina is in an economic crisis. The inflation rate of the second largest economy in South America is estimated at 25.7 percent. Nothing has improved since 2017: Argentina is heading for an inflation rate of 30 percent in the current year, the peso has lost more than half of its value and the government is asking the International Monetary Fund for help.

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# 7 Syria

Syria's inflation rate was an estimated 28.1 percent last year. It is a consequence of the decline in Syria's economic power by a good 70 percent since the beginning of the war.

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# 5 Angola

Angola's inflation rate is estimated at 29 percent. The African state is heavily dependent on the oil price and has not yet recovered from the financial crisis.

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# 4 Sudan

Sudan had an estimated inflation rate of 32 percent last year. Although this value is very high, it has decreased by 15 percent since 2012, when it reached 47 percent.