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Ethnic origin and nationality

Many organizations have long recognized that they benefit when they specifically employ people of international origin and different cultural backgrounds. Dealing professionally and respectfully with the diversity of employees and customers is a success factor in a globalized economy. A workforce's language and culture skills can be the key to new markets. In this way, new customer groups can be targeted and international specialists can be recruited. In this way, companies can ultimately also increase their market value because they are attractive to investors who specifically invest in sustainability issues.

What should be taken for granted in order to reflect the diversity of society, sometimes needs supporting structures in organizations. An example of this can be international or intercultural networks. In them, the employees come together to exchange experiences. At the same time, they often provide helpful tips and impulses for the organization. This is where ideas for strategies can arise that can be used to address people with different cultural backgrounds as future talents or as a customer target group.

The basic condition for good cooperation between people of different international origins and different cultural backgrounds is an open organizational culture in which there is a mutual understanding of differences and similarities. In order to promote this, intercultural and awareness training can be offered, for example.

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Start-ups have international roots

“Migrant Founders Monitor” of the Federal Association of German Start-ups

Around every fifth start-up in Germany was recently founded by migrants of the first or second generation, according to a special evaluation by the German Start-up Monitor. The study analyzes the situation of 354 start-ups founded by people from immigrant families. According to this, founders born abroad in particular have a university degree more often than the average.

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Bright minds with foreign roots

Innovative strength in Germany will be strengthened

The Institute of German Economy reports that, according to its patent database, more and more inventions are being registered by people with foreign roots. In 1994 just under 4 percent of all patent applications in Germany came from people with foreign roots, in 2018 it was already more than 11 percent.

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