Have you ever slept with a boss

Affair with the married boss - ever gone well?

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Also had an affair with my work colleague, or better said second boss, we are both in a relationship, he has a family with children and so do I. Our affair started in July 2007, pretty hot, he told me every day that I was his one and only true love, he kept telling me that his wife was shit and that the marriage had been broken for a long time. Of course I believed him, I thought ey what kind of woman does he have at home. We both hit it off like a soulmate, the chemistry was just right. I really enjoyed going to work. He gave me flowers, small presents, was my hero and comforter of my soul. Well, and then came the point where his wife got wind of it, suddenly there was total unrest in the company, everything just happened secretly. The colleagues worked their mouths, which I did not know that his wife was good with boss and boss. We went on anyway, through his carelessness my husband got wind of the matter, there was a huge fuss at home, at first we took a step back but our feelings were stronger and whoosh we ended up in the box or the car again. We always kept it that way, giving ourselves our love after work. But his wife didn’t give up sparach with other colleagues, I thought ey what a monster this is, because he had only told me bad things about her, I really hated his wife! It happened as it had to come, I got to know his wife, I almost passed out, the woman was so cute and warm-hearted, totally pretty and anything but a nasty witch, she showed me his letters and text messages, I thought from then on, what a ... I got pissed off, he had a couple of affairs at work before me. The guy danced at two weddings, his wife didn't judge me, she said it was his fault, I believed everything because he told me she'd filed for divorce and would move out, none of that was true! We ended our affair, a little later I became weak again because he somehow wrapped me around his finger again. He told me he had to write this to his wife, of course I believed him again. Then our boss took me aside and told me that he would never part with his wife in his life, a stupid and embarrassing situation for me. I go through hell full of tears every day, I've made a fresh start with my husband, but longing catches up with me, I'm also considering quitting because it's hell for me every day. My husband knows about it and forgive me, I love my husband too, but this thing broke my neck. How can a man whom you trust a hundred percent, where you think he is the man for life, lie to you and play this game. Man I thought the man loves me he told me every day how much he loves me and he would love me to the death and now? I can advise you one thing, do not believe everything that is told to you. I am Heilfoh that I had contact with his wife. His daughter even made life difficult for me when she was once in the company the little beast, but in retrospect I understand that I have three children myself. I'm glad it turned out that way, but I'll quit my job when I get the chance, basically I'm the ass now. My husband supports me a lot and I am grateful to him for that. A working colleague in love, just keep your hands off it, you never know who knows the wife, besides, the colleagues create that anyway, even if you pull yourself together. A work colleague who is not in a relationship is a different matter, but never again like it was with me! Sometimes when I have certain moments at work and watch him I think: Why are you so lying I thought you were the man for me, my great love. Then I start talking to his wife and then think: u are the greatest ... on earth. Never again have an affair with a work colleague! LG Leyla

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