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Advantages and disadvantages of the GmbH for freelancers


There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of a GmbH between freelancers. Sometimes it can be more profitable not to opt for a GmbH, but rather to strive for cooperation. This is particularly the case when the Kinship of professions is not given. The freelance lawyer and the freelance doctor have little in common, at least in professional terms. Here can the cooperation be the better choice. The professional law ties in with the freelance activities, which at least partially come into contact with one another during exercise.

To the advantages of the GmbH

The parties involved are not liable with their private assets. You are therefore not obliged to pay creditors with your private assets. Compared to other legal forms, there are also tax benefits. From a tax law perspective, the establishment of the GmbH gives rise to various design options. Before starting a business, the freelancer should therefore be asked a tax advisor about the possibilities.

If there are enough shareholders, the capital requirement for the establishment is low. With just 100 euros you are here. Administration is easy as it takes place via the shareholders' meeting.

Shares in the company can easily be transferred. For small companies, there is a restricted disclosure requirement. The Name of the individual shareholders does not have to be mentioned in the company name.

On the disadvantages of the GmbH

Decision-making processes are made more difficult or even prevented for freelancers at the GmbH. This is because here Shareholders' meetings are necessary to pass resolutions and that certain processes must first be entered in the commercial register. The Freiberufler-GmbH is obliged to report. If changes are to be made in the articles of association, this is not easily possible. Here is always that first notarial certificationg necessary for the legal validity to be given. In addition, the entry in the commercial register is necessary. The GmbH is also subject to Business tax.

It is assumed here that the GmbH generates commercial income, so trade tax is permissible. In young companies in particular, there is often little trust on the part of the creditors. In addition, a personal guarantee or the assumption of debt by the shareholders is often required because the credit base is low. The annual financial statements are comparatively complex.

Author: J├╝rgen Busch

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Advantages and disadvantages of the GmbH for freelancers
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