What does ISRO

IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology *

Shortening the time between patient admission and the start of treatment

Simplification of a complex process


Radiation therapy can be an effective tool for patients in the fight against cancer. At the same time, however, radiation therapy processes often prove to be fragmented and inefficient. Uncertainties in the course of therapy can impair the quality and make it difficult to consistently carry out precise and rapid treatment.


IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology * is an intelligent patient management solution designed to reduce the time from patient admission to treatment by managing complexity, increasing efficiency and implementing operational excellence.

IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology* is a protocol-based and individually adaptable solution for the coordinated design of the radiation therapy process. Its intuitive dashboards, direct access to external applications and close integration into clinical IT help you improve your daily work processes and allow you to concentrate fully on your highest priority: your patients.
  • More compact workflow from briefing to the first fraction


    The South West Wales Cancer Center takes a new approach to complex radiation therapy workflows and is one of the first to use IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology* and the associated practice management solutions have been implemented.

  • IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology analyzes the workflow from the approval of the treatment to the administration of the first radiation fraction - with the ultimate goal of automating and optimizing the process as much as possible.

    Doug Etheridge

    Head of Clinical Technology, The South West Wales Cancer Center, Swansea, UK.

Coping with Complexity by establishing a coordinated way of working and transparent communication

Optimizing the workflow by collecting the following information:

  • Medical intention
  • Tasks and their order
  • Application management
  • Task-related information

Display of the task of the individual user and the entire department in comprehensive, intuitive dashboards

Increase in efficiency by closely integrating applications, maintaining data security and automating the workflow

Open, provider-independent platform that automates data forwarding, executes tasks in the background and starts the applications required in the context

Interoperability with clinical IT environments (OIS, ePA, PACS, RIS / HIS, HL7, DICOM, LDAP, AD)

One-time user login (single sign-on) and easy navigation to important applications

Implementation of operational excellence by containing risk, documenting results and gaining insights

Validated, consistent patient data with tracking of changes

Insights into performance and capacity that can be implemented directly (tracker, workflow analysis)

A brief introduction to IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology*

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