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Season 10


After being brought back from the dead by the Mark of Cain, Dean is a demon and spends time with Crowley. However, since Dean repeatedly opposes Crowley's will, Crowley reveals Sam Dean's whereabouts, so that the latter can capture him, and with the ritual that they had already tried on Crowley, can transform him back into a person. But he is still in possession of the Cain's mark, which increasingly drives him to aggressive, bloodthirsty behavior.

While Dean is slowly recovering from his time as a demon, the brothers start working again and fight supernatural beings. At one of their jobs, they meet the mighty witch Rowena, who eventually turns out to be Crowley's mother. After she has messed with demons and Crowley is brought up for punishment, he recognizes her immediately and lets her - after initial reserve - come back into his life.

Castiel thinks a lot about the man whose body he has taken possession of, Jimmy Novak. He gets a guilty conscience because he has taken Jimmy from his family, but since his soul has already died in the fight against Lucifer and is in heaven, he cannot let Jimmy return to his family either. Instead, he wants to take care of his daughter Claire, who is now on the wrong track. Together with Sam and Dean, he saves her from the clutches of a loan shark and supports her in an attempt to save her mother from the clutches of an Evil Angel. Together they can kill the angel, but Claire's mother also dies in the process. Claire is now preparing to become a monster hunter herself.

Rowena tries to abuse Crowley for her own ends and uses him to kill enemy witches for her. After she finds out that Sam and Dean are the last descendants of the "men of the scriptures" and thus have access to many powerful spells, she wants to incite Crowley against the two brothers in order to get to these powerful spells. But now he's had enough of her intrigues and just pulls her out of the door.

Since Dean increasingly shows the consequences of the Cain Mark in the form of extremely violent behavior, Sam tries to find a way to remove it. He and Castiel even break Metatron out of his prison in heaven, hoping he would have information that could help them. However, this hope is disappointed; Instead, Metatron manages to escape, even if Castiel has previously stolen his grace from him, and he is therefore just an ordinary person. Dean has now accepted that the Cain's Mark cannot be removed and is now part of him.

Ultimately, Sam and Castiel find out that the Cain's Mark is just a curse that can be undone by magic. With the help of the huntress Charlie, they track down the "Book of the Damned", a collection of powerful curses and countercurses, which also includes instructions on how to remove the Cain's mark. The Styne family, direct descendants of Viktor Frankenstein, is also behind this book. They use powerful spells to increase their wealth and power and to make themselves supernaturally strong with body parts. Dean wants Sam to destroy the book so it doesn't end up in the clutches of the Stynes, but Sam defies him and secretly keeps it. He makes a covenant with Rowena, who is able to perform the powerful spells found in the Book of the Damned. In return for her help, she is allowed to keep the book afterwards.

After the Styne family kills Charlie in search of the Damned Book, Dean briefly loses control and wipes out the entire family. After almost killing Castiel, he comes to and realizes that he is too much of a threat to his surroundings. He conjures up death personally so that it kills him, since he cannot be killed otherwise by the mark. He explains to him that the Cain's mark also serves as a seal for “The Darkness”, a powerful evil force that God banished before he created today's universe. As long as Dean has not passed the Cains mark on to anyone, he should not die or have the mark removed. Death instead suggests that Dean take Dean to a secluded place where he can live forever without threatening other people. But when Death prepares to kill Sam beforehand - to prevent him from bringing Dean back or removing his mark - Dean kills Death instead. Shortly thereafter, Rowena manages to carry out the curse that removes Deans Cains Mark. Then she takes the book of the damned and enchants Castiel, who was guarding her, that he ignores her and goes after Crowley.

Shortly after the mark is removed, lightning strikes the area around Sam and Dean, and a dark cloud arises that engulfs the two brothers.


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