What is your main value

Moral concepts

The values ​​include, for example, love, security, fun, power, order, tolerance, luck, discipline, honesty, success, charity, prosperity, freedom, sensual satisfaction, health, reliability, justice, self-determination, adventure, friendship, further development, loyalty, Intimacy, inner peace and harmony.

We get values ​​from our parents, religion and society. Through praise, affection, punishment or disregard, we learn what we have to do to achieve a positive effect, what behavior is desired. By observing our parents (learning from the model) we learn which values ​​we should realize.

We have many different values ​​that we more or less consciously follow. Sometimes our values ​​also compete with one another. Maybe we want to have a professional career, but at the same time we want to support our parents in need of care.

For us, our values ​​are not set in stone. In the course of our lives we can also change our values. So perhaps with increasing age it is no longer so important for us to be successful in our job or to earn a lot of money. When we get seriously ill, health has top priority and other values, such as success and reputation, take a back seat. Or we attach more importance to maintaining our circle of friends.

Often it is only through a loss that we become aware of what value something has.