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Speaker Dr. Wegmann in Essen

The speaker Dr. Jens Wegmann entertains his audience at company conferences in eat in an inimitable way. The through the Speaker The enthusiastic participants will remember the impulses set for a long time. The experienced keynote speaker has already motivated and entertained employees and customers at hundreds of corporate events.

Before his appearance, the speaker familiarizes himself very carefully with the specifics of a company and the upcoming operational challenges. This enables him to prepare a speech that is tailored to the company's circumstances and the expectations of his audience. Surprise your guests with a highlight and book The guest speaker Dr. Wegmann.

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The audience in Essen is enthusiastic

Suitable for all events

Dr. Wegmann a promising swing. The expert speaker encourages sales teams to perform well. Product presentations are particularly impressive for the knowledgeable and humorous speaker. The positive attitude of customers is confirmed by a speech by Dr. Wegmanns was confirmed and consolidated during an exclusive customer event.

What does a speaker in Essen cost?

You don't often book a speaker. This is why there is often no practical experience when it comes to booking a speaker. Some people estimate the cost of a show far beyond the actual fee.

In general, one has to distinguish between prominent speakers who appear on radio and television and those who are not so famous. The range of fees is huge. Lesser-known speakers, who may still have a lot of room for improvement (to put it positively), can be signed for a few hundred euros. Famous speakers often cost more than € 12,000, some even up to € 150,000. If you want a star at your party, you have to be well-heeled.
Dr. Wegmann is a specialist in lectures at company events. Like many of his colleagues who are not prominent, his fees are somewhere between a beginner and a star. For many performers, the fee is closely related to the quality they deliver at their event. One phone call is enough to inquire about the exact fee for the speaker customer event. During normal office hours, Dr. Wegmann is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Well invested

We would like to thank you very much in this form for the contribution by Jens Wegmann, who presented himself to us as a speaker from the "Institute for Sales Process Optimization IAPO". After the specialist lectures and various forums during the day, which were specially tailored to our industry of analysis, biotechnology and laboratory technology, Mr. Wegmann's speech was an extremely welcome and varied counterpoint.

As the last item on our agenda, the lecture provided a loosening up and a grand finale to our event at exactly the right time. All employees enjoyed the performance and were thus able to collect enough motivation and vigor for the tasks in the coming year. Dr. Wegmann involved the entire audience, set one punch line after the other and thus repeatedly caused surprises.

We would like to thank you very much for making our sales and marketing conference so entertaining. At first, her lecture made people look horrified, but the bridge to the comedic was quickly built. The highlight of it all was your "metamorphosis" and then at the latest no eye stayed dry. Thank you again for your contribution and good luck with your program!

A positive surprise

The guest speaker also creates close proximity to non-customers, interested parties and important multipliers and thus makes it easier for a company to establish personal contact. Speaker for Motivation Dr. Wegmann will be presented to the conference participants as a specialist on a topic that is quite special, but well-coordinated with the event. The skeptical audience hardly expects any special news or exciting content. And indeed: The seriously dressed guest speaker starts out extremely boring and dry, so that the audience feels little hope for relaxed minutes. She is all the more delighted by the increasing struggle of the speaker with the technology and the text of his speech. The relief finally leads to applause and laughter when the speaker makes slip of the tongue with intelligent jokes that hit the nerve of his audience. The recommendations on corporate strategy and the well-intentioned comments from Dr. Wegmanns to the corporate culture, which put his humorous skills to the test.

Much speaks in favor of a lecture by speaker Dr. Wegmann in Essen:

  • happy participants
  • mind-boggling speech
  • Experience from more than 800 lectures
  • entertaining and really extremely funny
  • first class references
  • ideal support before the event
  • You will rave about this once in a lifetime experience
  • convincing demo video - so you don't have to book the pig in a poke
  • friendly customer service
  • business sense of humor
  • low travel costs

Perfectly tailored to you

During his entire contribution, the speaker cleverly seeks closeness to his audience and likes to speak to personalities known to him in the audience in a friendly way. This is how an appearance developed by Dr. Wegmanns to an impressive communal experience that will remain an important topic of conversation in the company for days after the event. Among the best references from guest speaker Dr. Wegmann belong to companies from B (like Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe) to G (like Gasversorgung Süddeutschland) to Z (like Zurich Versicherung).

Dr. Jens Wegmann in Essen

An innovative corporate culture in Essen includes new ways of corporate communication at every kick-off event, sales event and customer event. The kick-off speaker and guest speaker Dr. Jeans Wegmann is a popular event speaker and keynote speaker at every event for many companies in the Ruhr area. With his personally held guest speaker lecture, the event speaker reaches his audience at every event particularly intensely on the emotional level. Whether it is about employee motivation at an event or kick-off sales event, conveying corporate goals at a kick-off event or gaining new customers in an event customer event - the guest speaker inspires the event guests and his hosts with his speaker lecture every event again and again. The speaker on digitization adapts to current issues in the company.