All women want to marry

Why women want to get married and men "need time"

I've been scouring a few wedding forums out of curiosity in the past few days. Again and again I have come across women who are waiting for the application and are very desperate because nothing comes.
In my area, weddings are 99% percent like this: the woman causes stress because you've been together for years and now have to get married, because HE has the degree in his pocket, is professionally secure, etc. has reached. Men in long-term relationships are "forced" to marry.

my thoughts :
Men in long-term relationships who don't propose after a reasonable amount of time are just not sure yet if you are the one, the right one. That sounds negative now, but I mean that very soberly. He can love you, but still he is not sure whether you can commit yourself "so early".
The man hopes: maybe the one will come, the perfect one, like in my dreams.
do you know the situation when the man is pushed to the wedding after 10 years of relationship (he thinks: well, there was no better one in the 10 years, so I give in). He meets a new one, gets a divorce and marries her within a year. Why ? Because he now knows: this is the right one.
I believe such men care about WHO they marry.

and we women?
Let's be honest, like waiting women, we really just want to be married. Our long-term partner fits this desire, so we urge him.
We women are programmed to want to get married from childhood.

I don't want to offend, these are really just my thoughts ... I'm also not sure whether I see it for myself as I have described it.

Perhaps my theses will be put right here.
I'm curious