What is seafood


English: Seafood
French: Fruits de mer
Italian: Fruti di mare
Spanish: Frutos de mar, Mariscos

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seafood is a collective term for all edible animals from the sea that do not belong to the vertebrates. Accordingly, fish and all marine mammals (such as whales) do not count as seafood. Seafood includes shellfish (such as oysters, abalone or squid) and crustaceans (such as lobster or Norway lobster).

Seafood is the English translation of the German term seafood. However, the term seafood includes all edible animals living in the sea, including vertebrates.

Seafood: history

The term seafood indicates a clearly agrarian understanding of fishing, as it has developed in the Mediterranean region, especially in Italy. The Romans in particular understood this food from the sea as a blessing from their gods. This proves the repeated use of the shell in ancient mythology. This affected the architecture of the baroque and rococo. The shell was regarded as a perfect product of nature and, along with other vegetable motifs, served as a template for ornaments. The term baroque itself is also closely related to the sea. It goes back to the irregular or crooked appearance of the pearl, i.e. an object from the sea that breaks the perfect symmetry.

Wines to go with seafood

Wines made from the following grape varieties go well with seafood:

  • Bical
  • Côdega de Larinho
  • Durella
  • Encruzado
  • Jampal
  • Trebbiano Toscano

Summary and brief information

  • Durella, Côdega de Larinho, Trebbiano Toscano, Jampal, Encruzado and Bical go well with seafood
  • Encruzado wines go well with seafood


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