How to hire a lover

In that way she had no chance. The guy was great - eloquent, funny, handsome. So she followed her feeling. And thus corresponded exactly to the female behavior that a psychologist in Bristol recently demonstrated in a study: women love the man who can best convince them to be a good lover. And he did. Theoretically and practically.

Nobody could have guessed that he was married. Now she has the salad.

Just at eye level, it became an appendage, a shadowy existence. From love to lover.

No development to be proud of - not just since Camilla Parker Bowles is known: the mistress has an image problem - she is illegal, she is a sex object and, moreover, a threat to the family. The beloved is somehow always on the wrong side.

Where is the bolt in humans?

It's your own fault, some will now say. Who would be so bold as to drum on the locked door when the toilet is occupied? In the subway, you don't just squeeze yourself onto a seat or even onto a passenger's lap. And when the busy tone sounds on the phone, we hang up and try when the line is free again.

Sounds simple enough. But how is it in love? How do you know if a man is busy? His wife can hardly put a red bolt or beep if you get too close to her husband. So you have to rely on other clues: wedding rings, for example. But you can put it in your pocket. Or ignore it.

Usually it's a mixture of both: He doesn't say anything, she doesn't ask. Nothing serious. It only gets serious when feelings are added to all the hormones. Then it's time to show your colors.

Actually, she should now say something like: "Come back when you are free!". But she can't. And don't want to either. Because its estrogens and its testosterones have long formed a downright karmic cocktail.

One highlight chases the next

Her friend, who now knows more about it than she would like, keeps hearing from her: "Sex is unearthly! Our conversations are supernatural! Every encounter is incomparable!"

Oh well. Every affair is nourished by climaxes - there is no more room in the rush anyway.

But it is also a fact: an affair does not give the butterflies in the stomach time to sit down. They flutter until they feel like Grönemeyer's planes. Woe to when they land.