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"That was the best experience our family has ever had together."

The host family reports:

“We have two daughters, 10 and 12 years old, and a fifteen year old son. Matej, our guest student, really became part of our family and we just love him! He is an attentive and considerate boy and is just fun to be with Our son has a brother for the first time in his life and both boys have spent hours playing guitar, exercising, watching movies, going to sporting events and going on many other trips together.

Our whole family was very happy to spend time with Matej, to learn all sorts of things about his country and its culture and to find out more about Europe. This experience also opened our children's eyes to the world in a way that nothing like it has before. We laughed a lot! Matej tried to learn tricks with a Japanese yo-yo and relatively soon all the children had bought such yo-yos and together they did it and learned new tricks!

We met his wonderful family on Skype and his mother and I now share photos and notes on Facebook. We shared his excitement when we showed him something new to him: we took him to Corpus, where he saw the ocean for the first time. Together we visited an aircraft carrier and tried dishes that it had never eaten before. We also went wakeboarding together.
That was the best experience our family has ever had together ... and we are not looking forward to the day Matej will leave us. Then many tears will flow because we will definitely miss him.
As a result, we got a new family as a present, with whom we will skype regularly and whom we also want to visit.
Especially when you have children of your own, it is a great enrichment to host a guest student. "