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Family law


In the area of ​​family law with all its complex peculiarities of the respective individual case (every third marriage no longer ends with the death of one of the spouses but before a family judge), the experienced specialist lawyer for family law Gernot Wolter is available to you in the law firm Scharf & Wolter, both out of court and in court Advice and assistance at your side.

He represents you out of court and in court in the following areas, among other things


We go through the necessary steps with you and together advise which points need to be clarified. You will be informed about all common problems and decide for yourself what should be settled in addition to the mere divorce. On the one hand, it is important to assert your interests in the best possible way. On the other hand, conflicts should not be stirred up unnecessarily.

  • Mediation, mediation support and mediation

We accompany you in an advisory and advisory capacity when you conduct a mediation with your spouse. The background to this is that the parties involved in mediation are often unclear about the legal framework. Only those who know their rights can come to a meaningful agreement, know what they have waived or what claims they never had anyway. We are also happy to accompany you in judicial mediations. With extensive process experience, we are also available for mediating activities. The aim is to actively and quickly find solutions that are acceptable to both sides.

  • Maintenance disputes regarding child and spouse maintenance

Already on the occasion of or even in advance of a separation, it is very important to know what is in store for you financially. This applies to those who may have to pay, but also to those who need the maintenance to live and for new orientation during the separation period or until after the divorce.



  • Property dispute between spouses

Compensation for profits, real estate disputes, liability for debts and much more ... Here we urgently warn against any hasty apportionment measures and are happy to advise in detail on safe processing.

  • Pension equalization in the context of the divorce and subsequent amendment

The pension equalization, i.e. the equalization of the pension entitlements acquired in the marriage (usually only those in the form of a pension), is an extremely complicated regulated area of ​​law, the problems of which lie in the details. Always check whether the judicial calculation proposals in the context of the divorce are correct, even if you appear there yourself without a lawyer. We also advise on ways to change old decisions, e.g. because company pensions were previously divided up in a completely inappropriately manner to the detriment of the other spouse.