Is the 4 hour work week real?

Read my summary of the book the 4 hour week!

These are just a few of the key messages, requests and tips from the book that are most important to me "The 4 hour week"by Timothy Ferriss. I have deliberately omitted to provide a more detailed explanation, as it would often be unnecessary, very cumbersome or much too long. (I might do that later.) If you still do not understand something, you should buy the book and read the complete connection at the place I have indicated.

One more thing: The aim of the book is to use the time gained and the establishment of an independently running company to earn exactly the money that is used together with the necessary time to break out of the "normal" world, travel around the world, learn languages, etc. But that's not my goal. I would like to gain a lot of time through the ideas, methods, paths and preparations and thus set up my and your company.

You don't have to take all the things to heart, choose the best things for you from the list, that's how I did it (I have marked my favorite tips in bold)so that I now use a handful of good and effective methods and instructions to improve my own job.

Now that you've worked through and read all the instructions from my checklist for good time management in order, you should do just that on a regular basis. This is the only way you can actually make a difference.