What do you think about love affairs

"What do you think honey?" 7 questions that men can simply save completely

With these typical women's questions, most men will fall silent, grunt in irritation or leave the room. Simply because they can't, don't want to - or are not allowed to say anything about it.

What are you thinking right now?

Well: How Juve played against Bayern, whether you still have enough food in the fridge, whether the earth is flat and whether God really exists. But otherwise everything is paletti.

Are you listening to me too?

No, certainly not in this case, otherwise the woman wouldn't suspect him that he had put through a passage minutes ago. So the question is purely rhetorical, just an indictment. You won't get an answer from him either. So you can save yourself.

Do you think I'm fat?

Or even meaner the question: "Do you think I've gained weight too?" What should he say now, please? If he agrees with you, you freak out - if he contradicts you, too. Here one can only expect a diplomatically skillful around-the-porridge excuse. Out of politeness.

Have I really eaten more than you now?

Of course not. Even if you've just inhaled the bag of chips (his) on the couch, there's nothing left for him to do but say no. Otherwise your mood is in the basement and he can forget the evening. Correct answer therefore: "No, I ate more than half the bag. You just didn't notice, honey!" Good man!

Does the outfit suit me?

Yes, asking a man about his outfit (preferably someone who's just waiting annoyed that you're finally finished) will result in exactly two scenarios: Either the man says clearly that he doesn't like it. The result: you're pissed off. Or he'll tell you it looks totally awesome. The only problem is: you won't believe him because you think he's only saying that because he wants to leave quickly and doesn't feel like waiting for you anymore. Ergo: You can ask yourself this question.

Do you love me Still?

Yes, dear girls. What are we actually expecting now? This question is only asked when you feel unloved. And when you have a guy by your side who rarely makes a declaration of love. So what will he do if the gun is put on his chest? Right: nothing at all. Unfortunately, that's not how it works with the declaration of love.

What do you think about X being with Y after she was with Z?

Uh, when in doubt, nothing. Men don't worry too much about the confusions and confusions of their friends. So, Your Honor, you'd better withdraw this question.

But: Fortunately, in a relationship you have enough humor to endure these male-female clichés and all the small and large misunderstandings and discrepancies with a grin instead of making life difficult for yourself. It is like it is. We still love men.

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