Why is Simplified Chinese difficult to learn

learning chinese (without characters) makes sense?

Hey purple and purple, unfortunately Chinese doesn't work according to our European principle and it doesn't make sense to learn the language without characters - at least not if you want to learn more than "Hello" and "That's delicious".

The reason why little goes in Chinese without a sign is that there are so many words that have multiple meanings. In written Chinese, these can only be distinguished by the characters. That's why you see Chinese people sometimes wildly drawing characters in the air during conversations, they then just agree on a meaning ;-)

Indeed, many locals in China get along with little or no knowledge of the written language, but as native speakers they can also be different Sounds better distinguish between Chinese. That's where the problem starts for us, you have to be able to tell shī, shí, shǐ and shì (and shi) apart. The characters help in the beginning. In addition, dialects are added, because when you hear them, you don't recognize a word you have learned so easily.

The romanization is practically non-existent in China - it doesn't make any sense, on the other hand the dialects speak, which pronounce different characters very differently.

To your concern with the characters - modern abbreviations are NOT as complicated as the traditional calligraphic characters, which are so popular here as tattoo templates. Yes, they are still complicated. Yeah, it's a FUCKING number of signs. No, you will not be able to master even half of it in the foreseeable future. BUT: The Chinese language and grammar is extremely easy to learn compared to other languages, once you have got over the initial difficulties with the sounds and the foreign script, you can learn very quickly. Apart from the (clear) vocabulary, you don't have to deal with annoying conjugations or declensions or learn complex sentence structures in Chinese. You don't necessarily have to be able to write the characters (even if that is helpful and really helps you learn to read!), As long as you can recognize them as written characters.

Chinese is not difficult in itself, you just have to really want to learn it ;-)