How can I be like Mark Zuckerberg

Can you believe Mark Zuckerberg?

What does a person think who is multibillionaire so young? What does someone believe in whose hands the personal data of almost every third citizen of the world is stored? If one follows Zuckerberg's rhetoric of the past few years, the point is to use "technology for the better". It should help to "bring people together", because "the Internet is a human right" - the Facebook boss likes to describe the work of his group with this humanitarian logic.

Another quote: "Money is not important to me." But is that true? Facebook has been profit-oriented since it was founded. The social network has been listed on the stock exchange since 2012 - currently with a value of over 450 billion euros. Instagram and WhatsApp are also part of the Zuckerberg empire.

"Happy Family" after the birth of the first child. Two years after Max was born in August 2017

He makes himself very accessible on his Facebook - just like his wife Priscilla Chan: a video of daughter Max's first steps, the joy of another child, three miscarriages - a lot of closeness. And yet Mark Zuckerberg remains a man full of contradictions.

Isolated from the rest of the world

Privacy is no longer up to date, said Zuckerberg in 2010. As far as the privacy of his own family is concerned, the Facebook boss takes it more precisely. For his luxury villa in Palo Alto, Zuckerberg relies on absolute privacy, which is why he bought all of the surrounding land for 30 million dollars in 2016. His property on the island of Kauai, part of Hawaii, is also protected from outside by a two-meter-high wall.

The wedding celebration was similarly isolated. Even the almost 100 guests were surprised. They thought they were invited to his wife's graduation ceremony. Those who are considered the fifth richest person on earth may have good reasons to shield themselves from the photo-hungry paparazzi. It became clear almost two years ago that he was also suspicious of the digital world. For the 500 millionth Instagram user, Zuckerberg posted a photo from his office. Clearly visible on it: the microphone and the webcam of his laptop were taped over.

Do you distrust the digital world? Zuckerberg tapes up the camera and microphone on his laptop

We know from early interviews that the 34-year-old does not like to be in public. Even leading a meeting "always takes a lot of effort," he said ten years ago. He once confessed to an American journalist at the end of a conversation in which he had sweated through his white T-shirt: "It has nothing to do with the temperature here. I only sweat when I'm nervous."

Full professional of the external image

It was the time of Mark Zuckerberg in jeans and (mostly) gray t-shirts. Today's Zuckerberg was considered a presidential candidate by some until recently and mostly wears a suit and tie in public. The way there was probably not entirely voluntary. Because while Facebook's revenue and profits have risen continuously over the past few years, trust has suffered. The spread of fake news, the possible influence of Russia in the US presidential elections, the complicated privacy settings - even before the Cambridge Analytica data scandal, Facebook was seen by many as an incarnation of evil.

Zuckerberg is therefore crisis-tested and endeavors to limit damage on a permanent basis. He donates most of his assets to his foundation and invests in educational projects. The boy, who got his first computer at the age of ten and is said to have been a big fan of Julius Caesar, is now a full professional in public image.

A picture of regret: when questioned by US politicians, Zuckerberg offers little open ground

This became clear when he was questioned by the Senate a month ago. In the past, the nerd was occasionally recognizable by nervous mouth movements and hectic looks. Rhetorically, however, his strategy worked: he was full of remorse and skilfully circumnavigated specific commitments on data protection. He doesn't like performing like that, but he can. His parents already knew that. "We saw him as a lawyer with a one hundred percent conviction rate with the jury," his father looked back in 2012 in an interview.

"You trust me, the idiots"

Zuckerberg comes from a small town near New York. The father a dentist, the mother a psychotherapist, a total of three sisters. "If you said no to Mark, you had to have a strong argument ready, backed up with facts, experience, logic and good reasons," says his father Ed. So naivety is not a characteristic of Mark Zuckerberg, rather he is very calculated.

With hard bandages? Zuckerberg as a student in the founding year of Facebook 2004

So the rumor persists that Zuckerberg is said to have massively deceived and hindered other fellow students who were working on a kind of Facebook at Harvard University in order to get rich with the same idea in their place. He was already aware of the attractiveness of social networks when he made his first steps with Facebook at university. Suddenly, thousands of complete strangers entrusted him with their personal data. "You trust me, the idiots," he is said to have replied to a friend who was surprised. If this image of man has established itself in him, then we would have a certain idea of ​​what the Phantom Zuckerberg thinks when he asserts in front of European MPs - as he did before the US Senate: "I'm sorry".