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Working in recruiting means finding qualified employees - diverse skills combined with an entrepreneurial spirit. Every day we have the opportunity to meet and hire creative women who have the ability to jointly write and influence the DNA of our company. With the Forbes Women’s Summit, we have a partner where female executives and experts come together and share their knowledge, experience and wisdom. Let's hear these strong female voices!


Christina Reiter
Head of Recruiting & Employer Branding Austria, Raiffeisen Bank International

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/christina-reiter#


We believe in the unique ability of women leaders to make a positive impact - especially in changing environments. And we know that communication is one of the keys to success. The Forbes Women’s Summit offers a unique and high-level platform on which discussions and exchanges about precisely these aspects take place. Being part of it is an absolute must.

Andrea Pelinka-Kinz
Head of the PR Subsidiaries Austria, Raiffeisen Bank International, Co-founder of the RBI Women Forum


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