How do we live difficult times

5 Phrases To Help You Grow During Troubled Times

Last update: October 18, 2016

Each of us has had difficult times that shaped our lives and that sometimes make it impossible for us to look ahead. But all these negative experiences can also be good for us, because they allow us to grow, mature and learn from them.

Usually we want to avoid negative experiences because we believe they are not good for us. They make us feel bad and they make us sad. But the truth is, they teach us more than we think and they are a lot more positive than it seems to us.

"Keep good memories for bad times and remember: Live your life, say what you feel, feel what you are worth, dream of what you want and become aware of what you have."

Rosana Rosana

We grow in difficult times

Difficult times are there to make us think about where our life is going what we expect from life and which paths we want to go. But sometimes it is not easy for us to make these considerations and we need some kind of incentive to inspire us.

Some people prefer music, while others prefer one good book or movie. Every sentence, word, note can help us get through difficult times, to look at them from a different perspective and to grow beyond ourselves, although we previously thought that we would not succeed.

That's why I want to today 5 sentences share with you who can help you in complicated situations. They will change your point of view, cheer you up, motivate you, and give you the opportunity to rethink.

1. You are today where your thoughts took you, and tomorrow they can take you somewhere else again.

This phrase comes from the British philosopher James Allen. It is a very profound quote that has great wisdom in it. Perhaps today you are complaining about a situation for which you are responsible. The choices you make will always have consequences, but not always positive.

If you are going through difficult times and are to blame for your decisions, now is the time to change your situation. You cannot change the past, but you can change your present and your future. Think carefully about your decisions and do not take them lightly. They will take you where you want to go.

Even if you follow these steps, the result may still not be satisfactory. But don't worry, our entire lives are being put to the test and we are constantly encountering mistakes. Your decisions should always be well thought out and you should learn from any consequences that they bring.

2. Life is not a card game that is about always having the best cards; we have to play well the cards we get.

The American comedian Josh Billings gave us this sentence, which is full of truth. Do you also know these people who constantly complain about everything and everyone? Complaints get us nowhere. Therefore should we accept what we have and act intelligently - these are our two best options.

If you get the best cards in a card game but don't know how to play them, what use are they to you? Even with the best cards, we won't achieve the desired goal if we can't play them. This is something that happens to us a lot.

Therefore, you should appreciate everything you have and think carefully about how you play each card before you put it on the table. Because sometimes we act rashly and then we have to live with the consequences. Take a look at your cards, no one is putting you under pressure to act without thinking.

3. Where you are now, you should do what you can do with what you have.

This is what Theodore Roosevelt once said, reminding us that we ourselves become our own enemy every now and then. We believe that we always have to do everything perfectly, that we cannot be wrong and that the best options are those that will bring us the desired results.

But we're forgetting one thing: It is our efforts on our way to the goal that determine our success. Getting too fixated on the bottom line will bring nothing but excessive discomfort and frustration, which leads us to throw in the towel if we haven't already.

When we learn to enjoy the path that leads us to our goal, we will feel good. We will notice that it is not about having the best to achieve what we imagine because the only things we need are our efforts and our diligence.

4. Everything I have learned in my life can be summed up in three words: "Everything will pass."

The American poet Robert Frost makes us think back to past situations with this sentence, from which we thought that all was lost. The reason for this is, that in difficult times we sometimes take a pessimistic attitude, that lead us to believe that we will never recover from this experience.

Even someone who experienced the worst tragedy has survived it, overcome it and is looking forward again. It is very important to remain optimistic in these situations, because even if it sounds cold, it will “all pass” and in the future only the memory will ultimately remain.

Please do not think that a difficult time is the end of the world and that you cannot go on living like this. Negative emotions come over you, but not to make your life more difficult, but to make you stronger. Everything will not always be rosy. One thing is certain in any case: there is always a tomorrow.

5. If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change the way you think.

This sentence by Mary Engelbreit shows us that in difficult times we must not concentrate on what we dislike, because that is counterproductive. What use is it to you if you allow yourself to feel bad because of this situation or because of this one person? Do you enjoy beating yourself up? The answer is for sure "No".

There are many circumstances that we certainly cannot change ourselves. What can we do in such a case? The answer is simple: change the way you think. Practicing acceptance is an important step in freeing ourselves from what is causing our discomfort.

Don't let bad times make you feel like you are leading a bad life.

Are you going through difficult times right now? Which of these sentences did you identify with best? If you would like to add something to this topic, we look forward to your comment. There are sentences that are worth knowing because they teach us something in difficult times and complicated situations.

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