Owls eat kittens

Owners in great concern - Eagle owl hunts Pritzwalker city cats

Two cats disappeared in one day - Katja Kuffner-Gebauer doesn't believe in a coincidence. Especially since in the residential area on Trappenberg, where she lives with her family, four-legged friends have often simply disappeared without a trace. When counting, she got nine cats together for a manageable period of time. Kitten Paula was there two years ago, but then turned up again.

Paula has now disappeared again since August 24th, just like another cat - this is the fourth time that this has happened to the owner family. The Kuffner family has already distributed leaflets: "Our children are really sad that Paula is no longer there," the family wrote on it. But that didn't help either.

The Kuffners still try to find out where the two cats might have gone. Even if this is difficult: The district emphasizes that it is difficult to follow up on something like this, especially if there is no concrete suspicion.

The animal rights activist Marion Strauch from Giesensdorf is also reluctant to evaluate the case. She takes in cats that no one else cares about. Therefore, cat owners ask her if they miss their darling. She has had few inquiries of this kind lately. But: "It always happens," she says. And she also knows that cats disappear more often on the Trappenberg.

Or maybe it was an animal perpetrator - the eagle owl. Rudolf Scholz, hunter and nature guardian, is sure of that. “I always see the eagle owl flying around over the open-air stage,” he observed. Two years ago he had already explained how effectively and silently eagle owls literally bring even larger animals than cats around the corner. He is familiar with a case from Potsdam when an eagle owl stole a dachshund. The eagle owl benefits from the surprise effect - it scares its opponents and thus brings them down.

There are three pairs of eagle owls in Pritzwalk. According to Scholz, they feed on the pigeons in Bahnhofstrasse, on the crows in the cemetery and also on small cats - for them a food substitute for the wild rabbit. Scholz does not believe in other ways to explain why the cats are disappearing. It helps to lock cats in at night.

Katja Gebauer-Kuffner also knows the eagle owl. "From time to time he sat on the roof with us - a big animal." Nevertheless, she and her husband Michael cannot believe that the eagle owl will grab two relatively large cats in one evening. That's why they haven't given up hope of finding their Paula again.

By Bernd Atzenroth

Info: Anyone who knows something about the whereabouts of the two cats can go to 0172/4 78 85 32 Report.