Is size important during sex?

Lucerne students wanted to know Why the penis size is decisive after all - for the right condom

Have you ever measured it? Your best piece?

Probably not. But you know your shoe size.

It would be important to know the circumference of the penis in order to be able to use the correct condom size. A non-representative survey of students at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences shows that many men probably do not do this or do not even know what it is for.

66 percent of the men surveyed stated that they had never measured their penis girth in order to find the right condom size. A third of the 50 people questioned said they did not even know that the penis girth was important for choosing the right condom.

It is clear from the survey that many of the respondents do not know what is important when choosing a condom. And that it is not the length of the penis that is decisive, but the girth of the penis when erect, is what the students say.

The risks of a condom breakdown ...

What was the trigger for this rather unusual survey? Benjamin Schwab, student at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences, explains that the work in the "CAS Sexual Health and Sexual Rights" was created. «The aim was to do research on a topic that affects sexual health. I and my two fellow students wanted to investigate the risk of a condom breakdown - that is, if a condom breaks or slips during sex - and therefore started a paper on the size of the condom, ”says Schwab.

Not really surprised by the results

The results of the survey did not really surprise Schwab, who works as a sex educator. "If I had taken part in the survey myself, I would be among the 66 percent who have never measured their penis girth."

Corresponding discussions among colleagues had previously indicated that although measuring the penis is quite normal for some men, most of them do not really see the benefit.

If the rubber hurts, it may not be seated properly

The data also show that both the physical well-being and the sense of pleasure of almost half of the respondents are restricted by the use of a condom. 74 percent said they felt less feeling when using a condom during sex.

For example, some of the respondents stated that they feel pain when having sex with rubber - which may also be due to the fact that the condom may be too small, explains Schwab.

Respondents wanted better education

The survey also shows that there is a lot of catching up to do when it comes to knowing the size of condoms. At least the majority of the men surveyed agree that this should be better explained.

64 percent of those questioned would like the topic to be taken up in sex education classes, 60 percent would like more information from the Internet, 42 percent from social media. And some would like the size of the condom to be clearly visible on the packaging.

So the size of the penis is decisive after all? Schwab laughs. "So the size of the condom is crucial." Because if you are latently under stress that the condom could slip or burst, you can enjoy less than when you know: the condom will definitely fit.