What are friends who are tired of hearing

11 sentences that people with disabilities can no longer hear

To speak politically correct and without pity about people with disabilities is difficult for many - and somehow you never really know what to say. Maybe just nothing in terms of mental or physical condition if it is not relevant to the conversation. Laura Gehlhaar and Raúl Krauthausen, whom we already had here in the Gif interview, therefore told us which sentences they can no longer hear.

1. "I find the way you master your destiny so admirable. I couldn't."

2. "I think the topic of inclusion is very important. So with disabled people like you. But I have my doubts about other forms of disability. For 'them' you need skilled workers ..."

3. "I've also done something social before. I know that ..."

4. "You handicapped people are always so happy that many a healthy person can learn a slice of it!"

5. "Basically we all have our parcel to carry."

6. "I don't like the word 'handicapped'. I prefer to say 'differently gifted'."

7. "Do you know Hans / Peter / Hans-Peter, he is also disabled and as happy as you are."

8. "How did that happen to you?"

9. "For me you are not disabled at all."

10. "How do you actually do it when you have sex ... you know?"

11. "Well, as is well known, beauty comes from within."


How to avoid such faux pas and more facts about inclusion can be found here and here.

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