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NBA Dropping Dimes - the SPOX Awards for February: The King's Crash and the Okayest Dunk of the Year

Defensive Player of the Month: Rudy Gobert

This award must also go to Jazz. Although Ben Simmons recently described himself as "the best defender in the league" and on the perimeter that may be true, Rudy Gobert also has a say overall. And even if Simmons comes in second at Dropping Dimes in the DPOM race, there is currently no getting past the Stifle Tower.

A few numbers: In addition to a hot offense (3rd place), the second best defense in the league with a defensive rating of 107.0 was loud Cleaning the glass the success factor of jazz this month. More than 6 points better than the average.

Gobert is the anchor of this defense. His presence in the zone enables his teammates to defend closely at the three-point line - if the opponent goes past towards the basket, the best ring protector in the NBA is waiting there. The men from the Salzsee allow the fewest corner threes, actually one of the most efficient throws in basketball. At the same time, the jazz opponents get most of the degrees from the inefficient middle distance.

Here is an example from the game against the Sixers. Gobert defends Simmons because he doesn't have to take his jumper seriously and can sink into the zone. Joe Ingles is close to Tobias Harris on the three-way line, closes the pass path to Simmons and thus offers Harris the drive into the zone - right into the clutches of Gobert. Harris does not dare to go into the restricted area against the French and prefers to try a floater over Gobert's outstretched arms. No chance.

Only lineups with five shooters who can pull Gobert away from the ring seem to be a promising remedy against this jazz defense. But very few teams are blessed with the right player material for such tactics. Most have to hope for a good day from the middle distance against Utah.

Runner-up: Ben Simmons, Myles Turner, Lu Dort - just for this action

Promotion of the month: Anthony Edwards

Six tweets from the team account in a row about the same action are a good indication that someone on the floor has just shown a solid action. That someone in this case was Anthony Edwards and the solid action was nothing more than the dunk of the year! So at least the first two months of 2021.

The number one pick in the duel with the Raptors on February 19 made the poster industry a huge pleasure, although shortly before that he had been thinking for a millisecond about a stepback threesome. Instead, the 19-year-old saw a free way to the basket, sprinted towards the Zone, took off and sent Yuta Watanabe into the eternal shotblocker hunting grounds.

Aron "The Human Poster" Baynes has already made himself comfortable there in the past few years, this time the Raptors-Big should have been relieved that he escaped the following hype by a few centimeters. Edwards, meanwhile, didn't want to hear about any of this (just like Nate Duncan).

The scene was "okay", according to the rookie, who would have preferred to see his team win - which, by the way, was a rather unrealistic dream in February (2-14). After all, he can console himself with the okayest dunk of the year.

Runner-up:Stephen Curry's application for the circus, R.J. Hamptons posters, several Facundo Campazzo trinkets

Joel Embiid Award for joke of the month: LeBron James vs. Ol 'Steroid Ass

Who would have thought that, even in times of a global pandemic and sporting events in front of (almost) empty stands, we would continue to be provided with entertaining fan vs. player moments? In the Disney bubble, Rajon Rondo's brother got off to a good start with a rant against Russell Westbrook. And now a fan was messing with LeBron James in Atlanta.

Chris Carlos is the name of the man who lived out his long-standing dislike of the King from his place near the sidelines. The ingenious and derogatory counterattack from LeBron? "Ol 'steroid ass". When looking at the Instagram channel, which has meanwhile been set to private, one thing remains to be said: James definitely had a point.

Nevertheless, he now had the hatred of Carlos' wife, Juliana, on his neck. Both were thrown out of the arena, Juliana commented on everything live on her Instagram channel. That brought her briefly more than 80,000 new followers before she switched her account to private. However, LeBron had the right answer: "Courtside Karen was MAD MAD !!", he wrote on Twitter, garnished with a few laughing emojis. Ol 'Steroid Ass and Courtside Karen: 0, LeBron: 2.

Runner-up:All-StarSnubs vs. Coaches, Jared Dudley vs. Paul George, Eric Paschall vs. Upstate New York