Are your breasts real?

10 questions to ask a woman with silicone breasts that you would never dare ask

Giulie, 23, has 600 milliliters of silicone in her body. She is a bartender in a club in Munich, quite a successful Instagrammer and will start studying law in October. A year ago she had her breasts enlarged, from "not even half an A-cup" to C.

Giulie often laughs when she talks about her surgery. The conversation is not uncomfortable for her. Not everyone is that open when it comes to breast enlargement. It is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in Germany: almost a third of all cosmetic surgeries are breast surgeries. And even if you read more and more often that small breasts are replacing huge upper sizes: 53,000 breast augmentations were performed in Germany in 2015.

We call Gulie in Munich.

VICE: If a woman or a man just wants to touch your breasts out of curiosity, do you allow it?
Giulie: If someone asks nicely: yes. People are fascinated by it, I can understand that. Before my surgery, I would have liked to know someone with silicone breasts — to touch and ask all the questions I had. But most of the girls don't admit that. In my environment there are many with made breasts. But they didn't talk to me about it until after my surgery.

Are you afraid that someone will just want to sleep with you to finally touch silicone breasts?
I have to admit that after the operation a couple of guys came forward and told me not to. But of course I didn't write back to them. But I don't think anyone would sleep with me just out of curiosity.

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Do silicone breasts feel different to real ones?
The opinions are divided. Many say: I had no idea they were fake. Some say: you can feel it fully. I myself find that my breasts are much harder than real ones. They feel like a trampoline. And if you touch the side, under the armpit, you can feel the edge of the implant. I don't have a problem with my breasts looking artificial either. It wasn't about hiding that I had an operation. That's why I didn't use anatomical implants that are modeled on real breasts - they are more teardrop-shaped and cost more. Instead, I had round implants inserted. They basically look like round Tupperware boxes.

Most men say they like natural breasts. Are they lying?
Inside, I believe that men generally want large breasts, whether natural or artificial. I cannot imagine that someone would not find a beautiful neckline good. I definitely feel more sought after after the operation. But maybe that's also because I've become more self-confident and radiate that.

How much money did you invest in your cleavage?
I received a special offer: 3,600 euros. For the money I got a new life. I was completely flat before. I really suffered from it. I work in night life. I really struggled to push this absolutely nothing I had. Oktoberfest was torture too. And when I slept with someone, I was really embarrassed to take off my bra. I had absurd complexes. When a guy didn't write back to me, I thought: It's because of my breasts. It's over now.

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Did it hurt
When I woke up from general anesthesia, it felt like there was a fat iron plate on my chest. The nurses gave me an IV with strong pain relievers. After that I was like high, most likely it felt like I was taking cocaine. After a night in the hospital, I was discharged and continued to be given strong pain pills. You need that too. The worst part was that I couldn't move my arms afterwards. I couldn't even put on my pants, hold the shower head, or sit up in bed. To this day, I still avoid fitness exercises for chest muscles such as push-ups or pull-ups. Otherwise, my breasts don't limit me.

Are your nipples less sensitive than before?
I can still feel everything on the nipples. But underneath, on the lower hemisphere of the chest, I have numb spots. I don't feel anything. The doctor said I can breastfeed later. But there is no guarantee.

In 2012 it became clear that the health of 300,000 women was at risk because of bad implantswas. Some of these women got breast cancer. One reads again and again about bursting implants. Shit?
No. I don't think anyone who has the operation done by a trustworthy doctor in Germany doesn't have to worry. The clinics here in Munich specialize in this. In my industry, I hardly know any girls who haven't let themselves be done. I was allowed to choose the company for my implants. I did extensive research and was even allowed to touch it at the doctor's.

Isn't it strange to know that you have the stuff inside you that bakeware, mouse pads and fart slime are made of?
No not at all. I haven't regretted it for a day. I am also not afraid of being reduced to the 600 milliliters of silicone. Before you get so close to someone that you stand in front of them without a body, you first have to pass their character. I trust that I choose good people who can see me completely naked.

Is it true that silicone implants glow in the dark when you hold a flashlight against them from the side?
I think I've heard something like this on TV before. Wait, I'll turn on the cell phone flashlight for a moment. Do not hang up. I now go into the bathroom, turn off the light and illuminate the breasts from the side.


Nah, there is nothing. That looks totally normal ... Oh my god! [screeches] They shine! Now I see that. Absolutely amazing! Everything around me is dark, apart from two semicircles that glow red. That looks really creepy.

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