How PF is deducted



Machine for pulling cables etc. and other material (stranded wire, hose, ..) from drums up to 250 kg weight (speed
depending on age), from barrels etc. for draft-free feeding to further processing machines

A triple bearingThe belt feed, driven on both sides, with pneumatic opening and adjustable contact pressure, ensures gentle material transport with a high pull-off force. With the speed control with programmable acceleration and braking ramps, the machine can be adjusted to the most varied of working methods.

• Tensile force up to 300 N

The main setting parameters are:

• Soft start: 0.05 to 999 seconds from 0 to
maximum speed

• Speed: 0 - approx. 6 m / sec

• Deceleration: 0.05 to 999 seconds from maximum speed to 0

Different speed profiles are possible.



Way of working

• As a stand-alone solution with the standard built-in dancer arm as a speed indicator

• Coupled to another drive via a controller release, with a set start speed
and / or dancers

• With RS 232 or 485 interface (specification of the current speed via software or
Analog signal 0 - 10 V (option))


 Model executions

Passage height: 30 mm
Passage width depending on the model:

• PF-121/30 *
• PF-121/50 *
• PF-121/75 *
• PF-121/95 *

* = Passage width in mm


Technical specifications

Asynchronous machine (power max. 1000 watts)


Mains connection: 220/230 V.

Power consumption: approx. 700 W

Weight: approx. 60 kg



• RS interface

• Integrated automatic switch-off e.g. at the end of the cable

All versions comply with the CE guidelines.
Technical changes reserved.