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The federal government has decided to take measures to support parents financially:

Additional childhood sick days for parents

The federal government has again decided to expand the children's illness days for the year 2021: The children's illness days will be increased from 20 to 30 days per parent per child; for single parents from 40 to 60 days per child.

This means: For the year 2021, a total of 30 days are available per parent and child, and now 60 days for single parents.

The entitlement will not only apply if the child is sick, as is usually the case, but also if daycare centers and schools are closed or only open to a limited extent due to the corona pandemic, making it necessary to care for the child at home.

Statutory insured persons are entitled to up to 90 percent of the lost net earnings. In this case, however, the statutory health insurances can demand proof of the suspension of the compulsory attendance of daycare centers and schools.

More information about the Children's daily allowance get here.

Continued payment of wages for parents

If parents have to look after their children themselves because of an officially ordered closure of schools and daycare centers, in the event of extended holidays or the suspension of mandatory attendance at schools, the resulting loss of earnings should be largely compensated for. You are entitled to compensation of 67 percent of the loss of earnings, up to a maximum of 2,016 euros per month. The entitlement is valid for a total of 20 weeks: ten weeks for mothers and ten weeks for fathers - or 20 weeks for single parents. The maximum period of ten or 20 weeks does not have to be used in one go, but can be spread over several months.

Eligible are custodians of children who have not yet reached the age of twelve or who are disabled and in need of assistance. The prerequisite is that no other reasonable care option can be ensured for the child during the period in which the daycare center or school is closed.

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